What Does it Mean When You Dream About Death? Dreams Meanings

In various cultures, dreams and their interpretation (meanings) varies. However, there are certain dreams that are so poignant and strong that when one wakes up after the dream, there’s a feeling of fear, sadness, etc.

Let’s get to today’s dream meanings and interpretations: So what does it mean when you dream about death? I’ll be drawing various explanations from science experts and spiritual dream interpretation experts.

You tried waking up someone close to you and they just can’t get up, and you come to the realization that they’re dead… Slowly, you wake up and discovered that it’s just a “dream”. But really, what does this mean and what effect will it have?

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Death

It’s proven that everyone who dreams about death either wakes up with a profound sense of loss. Yet, after discovering it’s a dream, is strangely relieved that it was all a dream. You’ve had a dream about someone close to you dying, but let me surprise you, in all likelihood, it has nothing to do with your friend, loved ones, or literal death.

This discussion is interesting and I’ll advise you to read on, as we take a closer look at dreams about dying, what they mean and if there’s any reason you should be concerned or afraid.

What can dreams about seeing a person dead mean about you?

According to a small surveyTrusted conducted, it’s typical for terminally ill people to dream about loved ones who have died, according to a 2016 studyTrusted Source conducted in India. This study further shows that it’s not uncommon or strange to dream of someone you’ve recently lost.

Most people who had dreamt of someone who recently died had described and detailed these dreams to be either pleasant or, quite difficult. A few persons who partook in the survey disclosed that these dreams were purely disturbing to their peace of mind.

However, one should note that such dreams of death may be part of the mourning process or goes to show that you’re missing someone who’s no longer a part of your life.

However, if you’re not terminally ill or mourning a loved one who had pass away, it doesn’t mean you or the person you dream about is dying or about to die.

Your dream may not really be about death at all. Instead, death in dreams may signify change or a period of transformation.

When trying to interpret a dream, we should endeavor to do so calmly without being afraid. Fear is what mostly propels us to interpret dreams wrongly.

According to Sadhguru: Fear is always about what’s going to happen next. That means your fear is always about that which does not exist. If what you fear is non-existent (hasn’t occurred), then you should know that your fear is hundred percent imaginary.

It is essential to note that trying to interpret a dream calmly, usually helps us to focus less on precise details and more on the way the dream made us feel. Consider how these feelings relate to what’s going on in your life and its effects on you.

Let’s say for Example: You slept and dreamt of someone close to you dying or actually died. Now, if you wake up from a dream about someone dying, and felt frightened and worried, you might consider whether you’re stressed out about any current changes happening in your life or fearing the unknown/tomorrow.

However, if you woke up from this dream feeling good about yourself, perhaps you’re accepting that something in your life is ending and you’re embracing a new beginning and change coming.

Can One Predict a Tragedy Through Your Dream?

It is possible but very unlikely. However, if you feel strongly about it, and you’re spiritual, then I’ll advise you to pray about it to the God you believed in.

It has been proven that a higher percentage of people who dreams of death find it upsetting, remember that dreams aren’t predictions and shouldn’t be taken at face value. Do you know why we are scared of dreams? It’s because we accept it and believe it without thinking about it very much, even though it might be misleading.

Another important thing about dreaming is this: Most things we dream about are often symbols for other things happening or yet to happen in our life. So, dreaming about death could be part of the grief process or a representation of a great change that happened or is about to occur in your life.

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