What Does it Mean To Dream About Snakes Attacking You – 15+ Meanings and Interpretations

You ever dreamt of being attacked by a snake, either black, green, yellow, or white, here’s what it means. Today, I’ll be sharing with you, 15 meanings of seeing yourself attacked by snakes and What Does it Mean To Dream About Snakes Attacking You.

Just in case you don’t know, Lovelifestatus.com has a whole section (category) completely dedicated to the interpretations and meanings of dreams. Either spiritual, biblical, etc.

These 15+ detailed meanings and interpretations of your dreams are not ONLY from our vast understanding and long years of interpreting dreams but from dream tracker, Lauri Loewenberg. Take note that these interpretations largely depend on the specifics surrounding the dream.

Do you know that one of the most recurring dreams people have is snakes?. Well, this is according to Dream tracker Lauri Loewenberg, who disclosed that snakes are the third most common animal people always dream about, behind dogs and cats.

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Lauri Loewenberg, a well-known dream analyst and popular radio personality, gave us her numerous meanings and interpretation when asked of the following:

  • What it means when seeing snakes in dreams,
  • How to process the dream and integrate some of its lessons so you can slither (yeah, I knowingly used this word, lol) on.

What Does it Mean To Dream About Snakes Attacking You?

What Does it Mean To Dream About Snakes Attacking You

One thing you should be aware of is that dreams are usually personal. This is why you’ll rarely find two people seeing the SAME EXACT things in their dream. It’s possible but rarely occurs.

Why I am saying this, is for you to understand that when it comes to interpreting your dream, it’s important to note the emotions they bring up and how they might connect to you in real life. Note that there’s no dream that’s random, according to Loewenberg, and while there are common interpretations and symbolism, if you have a personal connection to content within the dream (even things like colors or numbers), that’s what you should be most concerned with.

Note that “snakes, most often represent a toxic person or situation in your life.” Depending on the specifics of your dream’s plot, here’s the meaning of being attacked by a snake in your dreams:

1. You felt afraid of the Snake.

It’s rare to see any human not afraid or alarm when they see snakes. Typically as humans, we’re very alarmed when we see a snake,” Loewenberg notes; “this means that we connect it to a person or situation in real life we need to be alarmed or wary about.”

You need to answer this question yourself before proceeding: How did you feel when you saw the snake? If it frightened you, you’re likely feeling fear about something in your life currently happening, or yet to occur.

2. You were bit by the Snake.

This means you need physical healing. For physicians, pharmacies, Snakes are seen as a symbol of healings.

3. You Had a Snake on You.

Are you surprised or angry? Wait for the explanation first. If in your dream this snake chasing you, climbs on you, e.g your leg or around your chest: It might be connected to an area of the body where you need physical healing.” according to Loewenberg. She further disclosed that it doesn’t matter whether you’re aware of it or not, your dream may be giving you a sign of an imbalance somewhere within your body.

4. You Dreamt of the Same Snake… AGAIN.

If in your dream you keep seeing the snake or one type/breed or the exact same snake, this means you might feel overwhelmed by a toxic person or situation that’s constantly present in your life… Someone close to you. E.g “like a spouse or co-worker,”. “The more present the snakes in your dream, the more present the person is in your life.”

Loewenberg said and I quote below:

If  this dream of seeing a snake is frequent, and it’s been going on for a long time, is there any issue in your life that has been persisting on for as long as the dream has?” Loewenberg asks. “Look at how you are behaving and reacting to the dream, because it will tell you how you’re behaving and reacting to this “persisting issue” in real life.”

5. You’ve Seen a Rattlesnake.

Do you know that the breed of the snake chasing you in your dream is important? Loewenberg said and I quote: “The nature of the rattlesnake is that it gives you a warning first before striking. The rattle on the snake in your dream could symbolize your gut feeling or a red flag that already happened with this particular person or situation.

6. You Were Attacked by a Garter Snake.

If you were attacked by a garter snake, and we all know that a garter snake is harmless, it could indicate a seemingly threatening situation that has already occurred. “The garter snake is not poisonous”. “Therefore, it would represent someone we were wary of at first but later come to the realization that they are harmless.”

7. The Snake Attacked you in your Bedroom.

For persons who were attacked by a snake in their bedroom, note that your dream could relate to where you feel like there’s a “snake” in your real life. So, if it’s in the bedroom, “it could be connected to someone you’re currently or previously intimate with,” Loewenberg further added.

8. Snake Attacked you at Workplace?

Recalled I said Location, where you were attacked by the snake in your dream, is vital? If you’re dreaming about a snake or snakes in your office or workplace, this may signify that you don’t trust wholeheartedly, your colleagues at work. Or it could mean there’s a situation at work that’s not sitting well with you.

9. Attacked by a White Snake?

Another vital detail is the color of the snake chasing you in your dreams. If you have personal connections with specific colors, take these associations into consideration while trying to make meaning of your dream.

Loewenberg assumes that a white snake usually represents a new beginning. Did you see a white snake and feel frightened or excited? You may be anticipating changes or a fresh start in your life.

10. Attacked by a Black Snake?

If you were attacked in your dream by a black snake, it symbolizes the unknown. To correctly make meaning of this, you need to note where the snake was in the dream and how it made you feel.

When you were being attacked by the black snake, were you afraid upon seeing a snake? However, if it didn’t scare you, think of the feelings it did bring up for you.

11. Attacked by a Red Snake?

Red symbolizes danger, and its meaning or interpretation is pretty clear. Seeing a red snake in your dream is rare, but if you were attacked by a red snake, this means danger is lurking around. If you’re seeing this in a dream, this could be a sign there’s a red flag you are neglecting in your life.

It also means that your subconscious self isn’t happy about your attitude towards the issue. If it’s a person, you need to stop dealing, connecting with this person.

12. Attacked by a Green Snake?

Green as a color symbolizes Jealousy. A clear explanation of being attacked by a green snake in your dream means that there is a jealous, toxic person around you. Alternatively, it is possible that you could be the jealous person or the one displaying this toxic behavior to loved ones.

To find a better explanation for this, try identifying anyone else who is present in the dream, along with where you are.

13. Attacked by a Yellow Snake?

If the snake chasing you in your dream was yellow, that would mean you’re afraid of the unknown. What you need to do, is to try your best in recalling your reactions and the action you took, when you saw the snake.

It is also important to note whether you ran away, confronted, or killed it.

14. There were Other People with you.

Now, if you were attacked with other people by a snake, here are two important explanations:

  1. Since there are other people with you, it may mean that you’re the “snake” in the dream and have feelings of malice or conflict toward the other person or people in it.
  2. It could be an alarm sign that the other person with you in your dream is in a toxic situation and needs your helps in resolving it.

15. You saw the snake bite someone else.

However, if in your dream, the snake was chasing someone else, or bites someone else in your dream, you’re actually dreaming about them getting healed in the physical.

However, Loewenberg discloses that: “always start with yourself when figuring out a dream, because sometimes our dreams will give us a third-party perspective so we can better understand how something is affecting us or how you’re reacting to a situation.”

Spiritual Meaning of Snake Bite in Dream.

When you dream of being bitten by a snake, one of its most common representations is that you need physical healing.

The spiritual implications, or spiritual meaning of a snake bite in dream is that it represents your religious life. Are you going out of the Lord’s way and now conforming to sin? Perhaps, you’re now committing a sin(s) you have not commited since giving dedicating your life to Jesus Christ.

For physicians, pharmacies, snakes are seen as a symbol of healings. This is to say that if you were bitten by the snake, it symbolically represents a shot of healing serum in your real life.

How to Work Past This Dream.

This is an important part after understanding the meaning of your dream. Take note that you need to try your possible best to nail down what the dream’s message is. The above interpretations can only help you get the ball rolling.

You need to think how your day was and everything important that happened that day, before the dream might help you understand it better.

According to Loewenberg, “Our dreams are a commentary on our days, So, look at the day before, and compare the dream to the previous day activities and how they relate. Do the actions or conversations you had in the previous day in anyway triggers the dream or your response? That will help you figure out exactly what it is the dream is commenting on.”

The best part about working past a dream is this, once you had a good idea of what the dream is trying to tell you, then you can “start working on how you can resolve the issue… Either to correct the situation or end the situation”.

Once you have taken the necessary actions and resolve the issue in real life, the dream should stop completely. “Look at the dream not as something to be afraid of or annoyed by,” she adds. But look at the dream as a huge help from your subconscious self.

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