51+ Weekend Prayers and Messages For Families, Friends, Him Or Her

It’s another weekend, and even though sending a good morning prayer message, or good night prayer message looks cute, a weekend prayer shows you go an extra length to tell the recipient, how much you cared about them.

As you’re aware, there are 52 weeks in a year, but we have over 51+ amazing weekend prayer messages, quotes, and wishes you can use in reminding that special person in your life that they’re very important to you and you care for them.

By sending any of the below weekend prayers to him/her, it shows that you’re committing that person to the hands of Almighty God asking God to bless, guide, and protect that person.

Weekend Prayers and Messages.

happy Weekend Prayers


♦. Hi there, Happy weekend, and I pray that this weekend, God drives away every source of harm and danger and fills your heart with love, and supplies all your needs, according to his riches in glory, Happy weekend.

♦. May God in his infinite mercies this weekend, provide you with all your needs, and shine his light in your pathway so that you shall only trade on the paths of success. All that you lay your hands on this weekend shall be prosperous and you’ll enjoy divine blessings.

♦. This weekend, may God fill your heart shall with happiness and prosperity, God will be your shield throughout the remaining days of this month. You’ll be celebrated and favoured! Have an amazing weekend.

♦. Every day this weekend, God will upwardly hold you and protect you jealously. He will fill you with his bounteous grace and take you places you never expect to reach. Have a great weekend.

♦. This weekend marks the beginning of congratulatory messages in your life, doors will be opened for you, kings, queens, and noblemen will stand for you. God bless you generously this weekend.

♦. This weekend, God will send His Angels to watch over you and protect your footsteps. He will see you through all your dealings and prosper the works of your hands.

♦. This weekend, may God Almighty provide for you, protect you from harm, safeguard you from diseases and prosper the works of your hands. Happy weekend.

♦. Throughout this weekend and next week, may God refresh you and always shield you with his mighty armour. Have a splendid weekend.

♦. I pray that God Almighty directs, control, and protect you this weekend. May he guide your thought and fill you with his holy spirit so that you will triumph in all that you do. Happy weekend.

♦. This weekend, I pray that God banishes every evil plan to cause you pain and sorrow, through his precious blood, you will experience the glow of a perfect day that will lead to testimonies. Have a splendid weekend.

♦. May God cut off all ties with friends that don’t want your progress in life, sabotage you in secret, and still claims to be your friend. May God banish them from your life. Have an amazing weekend.

♦. May God bless you above your expectations, may you swim in the ocean of his love and bring forth fruits that will glorify His name. This weekend, you will experience God’s favour in everything you do, Happy weekend.

♦. May God directs your footstep, feed you, forgive you and free you from all evil, He will save and redeem you. All your efforts this weekend shall be fruitful. Have a happy weekend.

♦. God promises to give his angels charge over us, I confirm this word in your life right now! May God’s angel watch over you, in your going out and coming in, and no evil shall befall you. Enjoy your weekend gloriously.

♦. You will spend this weekend singing praises to God! Be prepared for that your heart desires WILL be granted. Happy weekend.

♦. Every challenge you have this weekend, may God almighty destroy them. May God’s grace, blessings, favor, and prosperity live permanently in you and nothing can ever take it away from you. Happy weekend.

♦. Lift up your heads oh yeah ancient doors and remain lifted up, for the King of Glory is come! This weekend, every mountain, ancient doors hindering God’s glory in your life be permanently destroyed! Amen. Have a great weekend.

Weekend Prayers and blessings

♦. May God in his power and loving-kindness, provide for you, protect everyone you love, and prosper you beyond your imaginations. Be ready, your testimony is coming! Amen.

♦. As you enter this weekend, may God’s abundant grace speak for you, may He will refine your body, and cast away every form of sicknesses and illnesses from your family. Do have the most amazing weekend.

♦. I pray that you shall spend the rest of this week in good health, and even the new forthcoming week, good health shall never depart from you. Happy weekend to you.

♦. Happy weekend to one of the most amazing and precious humans on earth. Your friendship is God’s gift to me. I pray that this weekend, may the Good Lord watch over you and your loved ones.

♦. Happy weekend to a friend turned family. You are one of God’s priceless gifts to me. Have a great weekend and may God’s light direct your path and good health be your portion this month!

♦. Happy weekend to you! This weekend, I pray that God transports you into his delightful love, his rod and his staff shall be your comfort, and his cross will go before you and guide you. Have an amazing weekend.

♦. You shall be blessed in the morning and the evening. May God Almighty watches over you, May His goodness never fail in your life and you shall forever sing a song of praise and thanksgiving to him. Have a great weekend.

♦. Throughout the days this weekend, My prayer for you and your family is that God should always guide and protect you. He that watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, may that Same God watch over everything you love. Happy weekend.

♦. God’s greatest will showcase in your family, business, health, and everything concerning you. He will not allow any devourer to come near you, your weekend shall be peaceful and joy-filled. Have a splendid weekend.

♦. The Lord will grace you with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. May he confer you with his grace. I pray that the God of Miracles and wonders surprise you this weekend. Have an amazing weekend.

♦. This weekend, may all your prayers be answered, your heart desires granted, and may God open the windows of heaven, and pour out his blessings on you. Happy weekend.

♦. As you enter the remaining days of this week, may God’s miracles never cease in your life, you will be filled with his goodness till your heart overflows with joy and gratitude, and your lips burst out in praises. May God multiply all your graces and grant you his love and fear. Happy weekend to you.

♦. God’s love will be everlasting in your life. This weekend marks the beginning of blessings, favour, happiness, good news, and prosperity in your life. Happy weekend.

♦. I pray that your days be filled with joy, may you fly and soar high above on eagles’ wind because all the bad news, sadness, and sorrows in your life have been removed. Happy weekend to you.

♦. The Lord will increase your wisdom, and confer you with divine knowledge and understanding. May he grant you that light that will shine beyond your dreams, he will surely rekindle the light that will lead you throughout this weekend. Have a blessed weekend.

♦. This weekend marks the beginning of a bountiful harvest in your life. May God Almighty bless you and progress you. May he turn all your dreams into reality. Have a great weekend.

♦. Weekends are for relaxation, and this is my prayer for you! May this weekend marks a new dawn in your life. Every sorrow, whatever problem that gives you sleepless nights is resolved! Happy weekend.

♦. I pray that this weekend, God will remove anything that will come to act contrary to your happiness this weekend, you shall know no sorrow but happiness and joy surrounds you.

♦. I pray that the doors and windows of heaven be opened for your sake. Let God’s blessings shower on you with bountiful blessings. May your weekends be blessed beyond measures. Happy weekend.

♦. May God Almighty answer all your secret prayers and turn them into public testimonies. May God provide for you and protect you as you step into this weekend. You shall lack nothing because God’s goodness is forever. Happy weekend.

♦. The Bible said that God will bless and supply you with all your needs according to his riches in glory. May everything you need be supplied unto you! Happy weekend to you.

♦. You are destined for greatness. My fervent prayer is that may God manifest his goodness upon your life so that you will achieve your greatness. Have a joyous weekend.

♦. Every power standing as a hindrance between you and your destiny helpers, may God destroy them and clear them off your life. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Happy weekend.

♦. If God is for us, who can be against us? This weekend, I pray that no power will be capable of cutting you off from your destiny helpers, you will meet those that will help you locate what you are looking for. Have an amazing weekend.

♦. I pray that this weekend, may God grant you the power, strength, and grace to not only conquer but dominate all that you desire to dominate this weekend. All the mighty mountains standing on your way to achieving greatness be removed in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen.

♦. For being a kind and generous person to everyone who has crossed your path, I pray that Almighty God will never abandon you in your time of want, he will stretch forth his hands and help will come from all sides. Have a splendid weekend.

♦. The time has come for you to shine, it is your turn to win, every stumbling block in your paths be destroyed. I pray that through God’s grace, may you be celebrated this weekend because you will emerge victorious in all that you do this weekend. Have a great weekend.

♦. The love that you have constantly shown to others has not gone unnoticed by the throne of Grace. May God who rewards everyone that diligently serves him, reward you. God will always release his wind of glory in your life this weekend.

♦. Every evil arrow pointed towards you will not get to you this weekend because God will give you a life jacket that will make you withstand every evil plotted against you.

♦. Every plan of the evil ones against your family, business, and health is destroyed in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against you in judgment be destroyed. Happy weekend.

♦. This weekend, may all your heart desires to be granted. I pray that God provides you with much more than you hope for and expect. May all that have been bothering you this weekend, God provide solutions to it.

♦. Your name is already written in those that will be elevated this weekend and the good thing about it is that as you rise, no power can pull you down. Happy weekend to you.

♦. You have been marked by the blood of Jesus Christ and labelled untouchable this weekend. My prayer for you is that God will be your ultimate guide and director. Have a fun-filled weekend blessed by God.

♦. This weekend, ensure you always Smile and laugh because God has done it for you. Success is already written in all that you do this weekend. Happy weekend to you.

Final Conclusion.

It could be your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, teacher or any other person. Weekends are meant to be fun and enjoyable that is why you need always to ask God to see your loved ones through their activities during the weekends.

It is written in such a way that you can communicate it to that person as a text message, through phone calls or even say it to him or her face to face. Here are  Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes that you can send to him or her;

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