Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry

♣. When you love someone and you want to prove to them that you love them so much, you can do that by buying them a gift and being loyal and faithful to them.

However, there are other ways you can prove to them that you love them so much and one of these ways is by telling them nice words or words of encouragement and appreciation, but sending touching love messages to your boyfriend can make him cry.


Yes, it can because words are powerful, it can make one be emotional, and if sending your boyfriend touching love messages that will make him cry is yes for you, then here are collections of ‘Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry’. 

Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry.

Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry

♦. Hello, I still remember the memory of you and me, right in my heart I know I still love you; I pray for you in the morning and in the evening, I think about you. Baby please just tell me you love me, because I love you.

♦. My body, spirit and soul feel joyful each time I think about you. I love you my one and only.

♦. I feel like am the happiest girl in the universe for having a wonderful guy like you, I love you darling.

♦. My love, ever since you came into my life, you change my life and renewed my mindset. Sweet heart thanks for loving me.

♦. Am so glad that the world’s most handsome guy is in love with me, am ever ready to be with you till the very end. I love you, my love.

♦. It doesn’t matter the storms, temptations and trials my heart will always be for you alone, because only you deserve it. I love you, darling.

♦. Ever since we broke up life has become unbearable for me, I can’t cope without you, I love and miss you.

♦. I’ve searched within my heart and found no one is like you my boo, you are my everything. I love you so much you.

♦. Baby, whenever I place my head on your chest, I feel so relaxed and comfortable, it makes me feel like being in heaven. I will keep on loving you.

♦. It’s impossible to forget someone like you baby, you might not be okay with this message, but just have a little patience as you read the text to the end. What I have to tell you is that I still love you despite the fact we are no longer with each other right now, but I just want to let you know you are the very best man in my life. I love you so much.

♦. Falling in love with you is the very best thing that has ever and will ever happen to me. Thanks for loving me.

♦. Hello, most handsome guy, if saying Hi to you is a crime, I think am ready to be in jail, I love you my love, no man could love me the way you do. Once more I love you so much.

♦. Please forgive me, my love, I never meant to wrong you, just find a way in your heart to forgive me, because am dying for missing your love, baby please just tell me you love me. I can’t sleep tonight; I love you dearly.

♦. Since you came into my life, my life change from good to better and am ever ready to be with you to make the very best of me. I love you my life-changer.

♦. Darling, I need your love more than anything else in this world, for your love is like oxygen to my lungs. You are the reason I want to love forever; I love you, honey.

♦. Loving you is the greatest decision I’ve made in life and am willing to love you forever and ever. I love you, my dearest.

♦. I will forever love you, for you are the most handsome man I’ve ever set my eyes on. I love you so much.

♦. You are always on my mind every second of my life and the way you love me is non compared to any, you will be my love to eternity. I love you my own.

♦. My heart is merry for finding someone like you, so many men out there, but no one is like you. I love you, darling.

♦. My love, your effort in my life is unexplainable, in fact, is more than words could explain, but what I could say is truly you love me and I love you too my love.

♦. Sweetheart, since you came into my heart, you fertilized every part of my life, and now my life is greening with your love. Thanks for your lovely effort.

♦. Light of my life, you have lightened my path with your loving heart and I will forever follow your light through this journey of love.

♦. My prince, you reign in my heart with love, my heart is open and loyal to your majesty. I love you, my loving prince.

♦. My superstar, you are all I want to see always and you are my only crush, I don’t care about holly wood stars you are all I know. I love you, my dear.

♦. I’ve found one of the wonders of the universe and it’s you. I love you, my wonder boy.

♦. I dream about you when am asleep and I think about you when am awake, and I ask myself why always you, but the answer is you are always on my mind. I love you, darling.

♦. My happy pack, you brought joy, love, peace and happiness into my life like never before. Am yours forever. I love my boo.

♦. You’ve made my life so beautiful baby, and you are the perfect description of a loving man to me. I love you so much, baby.

♦. Good day, my heartcode, I just want to let you know that your love is on me like alcohol, please continue with the way you are loving me. I fall for your love sweetie.

♦. My love, I wonder where you are, but where ever you are, I just want to let you know that I can’t sleep tonight am just awake thinking about you. Honey, I love you so much.

♦. My loving shepherd you know there are so many men out there chasing after girls like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour, But I run to you my love, for you always protect and care for me with your tender love. Thank you for loving and caring for me. I love you too.

♦. I have faith in you my loving angel, and I know you will forever love me, each time I think about you, I feel joy like a river in my soul. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

♦. I bless heaven for bringing a man like you to me, I don’t deserve this blessing, but heaven chooses to bring you to me. I love you, baby.

♦. My love you have made my life meaningful and with you by my side my purpose in life is achievable.

♦. You are as tall as a giant and whenever I set my eyes on you, my love, I want to see you over and over again and I wish my eyes are as big as watermelon so that I can see you more. I love you darling.

♦. I love you my best friend, am just here thinking about the good times we shared together. I miss you, my love.

♦. The very best thing that has ever happened to me is loving you, and I feel blessed and happy for having someone like you in my life. I love you, honey.

♦. You are my everything, I can’t live a day without feeling loved by someone like you. Thanks for the way you love me. I love you too.

♦. Darling, your lips is as sweet as pineapple, I will always be with you all the days of my life, so that I can kiss you every day. I love everything about you my sweet pineapple.

♦. Baby do you know? You are very handsome; I love the dimples on your face and your face is as smooth as the one of a newborn baby without pimples. I love and cherish you baby.

Final Conclusion.

You can use any of those messages above to make your boyfriend cry; just tell him something so lovely through text/voice message, and you can do that through an SMS or various social media platforms like FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and lots more, make sure you pick the right message that best convey your idea or what you meant exactly to him.

In case you do not know the exact word to tell that will make him cry, you can remind him of how the both of you started to love each other, by reminding him how loving and colourful the old days used to be. You can tell him something cute and loving that he mostly loves to hear, and doing just that you can as well add or use any of these ‘Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry’.

Emotional Touching Love Messages for Him.

Emotional Touching Love Messages for Him

♣. I still remember the good old days we shared together; life was enjoyable and colourful; no man has been capable to love me like the way you do. My heart misses you like the desert misses the rain.

♣. My heart longs for you as the rainbow longs to appear in the sky, is barely a year since we went our separate ways, but I still dream about you baby, and sometimes I just have a flashback of the good times we enjoyed together. I miss the hug and kisses and those kind and loving words you always say to me. I still feel I love you, baby.

♣. Nothing can change my love for you, because all that I’ve got is you, and I’ve felt nothing so strong as your love before in my life.

♣. My heart is blissful for having someone like you, my friends are becoming jealous since you came into my life and am ready to make them feel more jealous of me. Thanks for your love.

♣. Honey your love is as precious as a diamond to me, and I will trade it to nobody, for you are priceless my one and only lover. I love you and my heart is yours.

♣. I will never live nor forsake you; I will always be your closest friend and partner. I love you, my first love.

♣. My Super Man, you have always taken good care of me with all you have, you always give me your very best thing and the very best of you. I love you, My King.

♣. My King, you reign in my heart always and I assure you no man can take you place; you are my royalty and my loyalty is yours. You reign in me, my lovely King.

♣. What would I do without your love, it’s driving me crazy day after day, you are such a loving and caring man.

♣. What would have been my gain in this life if I didn’t find a lover like you, I will be happy to spend my whole life with you baby.

♣. I have found the very best lover man and I know heaven brought you my way because I see it in your eyes that you are not from this planet. My love for you is endless.

♣. Since you came into my life, you changed me into a better person, I never believed love could be as sweet as this, baby, loving you is my greatest achievement in life.

♣. Having you as my boyfriend makes me feel blessed and I have confidence in you, my boo. I love you.

♣. You have the cutest face; your smile can raise the dead, and your romantic eyes make me fall in love the more. I love you so much.

♣. My hero, you make me feel proud each time I walk with you on the roadside, and I feel like am the luckiest girl in town for having such a lover like you. I love you…

♣. You have made my heart your home, Honey, take the keys and live forever. I love you.

♣. My Corazon, any time I think about you I start to smile, I just want to tell you, I love you.

♣. I love you baby; I like the way you hug me and your lips are very soft when you kiss me. I am missing you, My Love.

♣. Every day I bless the Lord for having a loving boyfriend like you because I consider myself, the most blessed amongst other girls.

♣. Baby, I just want to let you know, that your love is like the air I breathe, living without you loving me is like trying to survive without fresh air. I love you, baby.

♣. I love the way you love me, honey, if my life is like shooting a movie you will be the scriptwriter and the director. I love you.

♣. You are a very handsome dude, I want you to be the father of my unborn children, I would like them to look very much like you, for you are the most attractive young man I’ve ever seen. I love you.

♣. I can’t refrain from loving you, your love is sweeter than honey. I would love you till my very last breath.

♣. No matter the condition or whatever comes my way, my heart will always be yours, because only you make my heart beat better and without you, in my life, my blood pressure might become very high. I cherish you so much, honey.

♣. The way you love me no man loves me that way, I realized that you are the best lover ever in my life and I promise to be with you forever. I love you so much.

♣. Other girls have been coming around you, trying to make you fall in love with them, but you resisted, darling I appreciate your love for me. Thank you for loving me. I love you too.

♣. Your love has taken over me, all I do every day is think about you. I love you so much.

♣. Love is the very best thing in life, and before I met you, I didn’t know how to love but you showed me how to, and right now am ready to be a student of love never to graduate but to always be in the class as you lecture me in this very course of love.

♣. Honey, I can’t spend a single day without you, you always make me feel happy, your smiles are amazing, the dimples on your face are so cute, and your nose is as pointed as the pyramid of Egypt.

♣. You are very close to me like my skin is to my body even when you are not with me, I feel you around me, I can’t hide my feelings about you anymore baby, I have to sincerely tell you that living my life without you is vanity upon vanity. You are my only true friend and lover.

♣. All my life I’ve loved nothing else like the way is loving you baby. I love you; I love you; I repeat I love you so much my boo.

♣. Baby, I wish to grow old with you, loving you all day and night until I take my last breath in your arms. I love you forever.

♣. Please forgive me for all my wrongs, I’ve come to realize that you are one of a kind, no man had or could love me the way you do, please I will like to be your girlfriend again. Please accept my apologies and request, I love you dearly.

♣. Sweetheart your love is making me go gaga, I don’t need a psychiatrist, I just want you by my side always. I will love you to eternity.

♣. Since you came into my life I forget the meaning of sadness, because you always make my heart joyful, and I will forever be with you honey, for you are the most loving creature I’ve ever seen or met. Thanks for loving me.

♣. My captain you brought joy, happiness, peace and love into my heart, I give you my whole heart take charge of it and navigate it into this ocean of love. I love you, dear.

♣. My hero, you own the whole of my heart and no other man will share it with you, and I also want to be the only woman in your heart too. I dying for your love.

♣. I love you, darling, I will like to be your future wife as you will become the father of my kids, and am sure we are going to make a very good family. I love you my future hubby.

♣. Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will not be afraid, because my love is always with me physically, spiritually and emotionally. Thanks, honey, for your love towards me.

♣. Honey, I can’t wait for that day when we will be joined in the altar together as husband and wife. I love you.

♣. You always treat me like a queen, and you are the king of this palace of love, I feel blessed for having someone like you.

♣. Amongst other men, they are the ones for mere girls, but you alone my king deserve a queen like me. I’m proud of you, my love.

♣. Sweetheart, you have enslaved my heart with your love, and I can’t refrain from thinking about you every time. I love you dearly.

♣. Am grateful for being with you all these while and I can’t stop being you, because you are the very best amongst men. Thanks for loving me the way you do. I love you too.

♣. Honey, without you in my life, I feel like my life is incomplete, you are the most important personality in my life, I can’t do without you. I miss you.

In conclusion.

Take note that sending any of these Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry, please do so at the right time, when he’s less busy or in his quiet time so he can be willing to read the message(s) immediately as you send it and I think the right time to do that is during the night hours when he is back from work or when he is less busy, whichever way I think as his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend you know the best time to do that.

Remember this, your message needs to carry lots of feelings and emotions, but do not flatter him rather sincerely tell him how you feel about him by using any of these ‘Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry’.

We sincerely appreciate you for investing your time in reading these ‘Touching Love Messages to Make your boyfriend Cry’. These messages were carefully written by relationship experts and It’s the very best guide for you if you are looking for some touching love messages to make your boyfriend cry.

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