250+ Best Speedy Recovery Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Speedy Recovery Wishes, Messages & Quotes are encouraging, motivational and inspiring words we can say or send to an ill patients to help them recover fast from sickness.

The body works just like a locomotive machine controlled by the engine and whenever there is a fault, it stops working as it usually does, until it’s fixed, but in the case of we humans our body takes in food and drinks as we go through our daily activities or job, sometimes the body might feel stressed up and want to have some rest, but if we ignore and continue, it may break down by falling ill. – copied from Lovelifestatus.com

Yes, the doctor could give them pills and injections to help them recover quickly, but do you know that aside from pills and injections there are other ways your loved one(s) could get a speedy recovery. Well wishes, kind, loving and encouraging words to have the power to aid in someone’s recovery and bring a smile to their face as the drugs are administered because words speak to our minds and our well-being is nurtured and controlled by our minds.

However, it’s not always easy to know the right word to say to an ill person to aid in his/her speedy recovery. If the right word or message is what you searching for, we got you covered.

This is the reason why I have provided you with this collection of Special, Trending, Lovely, Latest and Best Speedy Recovery Wishes, Messages and Quotes.

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Special Speedy Recovery Wishes.

Special Speedy Recovery Wishes

  • I’m sending you my lovely hugs and I wish that each dawn of the day draws you nearer to a speedy recovery.
  • I’m anticipating to seeing you hale and hearty. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Daily as I wake, I pray to the Lord for your speedy recovery. I miss you.
  • In no distance time, you shall be hale and hearty again. Speedy recovery is what I wish you from here.
  • The best of health is what I wish you, you will not just recover from illness but you shall recover, wealth, happiness and joy. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Wishing you the very best of health and a sound mindset as you recover from this illness, you have overcome all. Have a speedy recovery, my dearest.
  • You’ve been in our hearts and our love is for you, we think about you daily and from our heart, we wish you a speedy recovery.
  • I’m using this message as a means to tell you that I love you, the health challenges you are facing right now are just for a while. I’m hoping to see you strong and healthy again. Recover fast!
  • Be strong! Very soon you be healthy and you will take your shoes and leave the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery
  • We pray for you day and night, and all we ask from the Lord is for your quick recovery. Have a healthy day.
  • I’m with you always in any condition of life and I will not leave nor forsake you. Please recover fast I’m missing you.
  • copied from Lovelifestatus.com
  • I feel the pain you are passing through and I wish you get well soon from this illness. Speedy recovery I wish you.
  • I know your body needs rest, but not through illness, please recover fast am praying for you daily.
  • Please recover fast from illness, I can’t wait to see you back home, the hospital is not your home. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Recover fast from illness, your body is not meant for a hospital bed, your body is made for sound health. I wish you quick recovery.
  • Sound health is yours, please recover fast, I hope to see you at work as you get back on your feet. Speedy recovery I wish you.
  • I love you from the bottom of my heart, and nothing can change my love for you, please recover fast am waiting to see you hale and hearty again.
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery as you go through this illness.
  • We’ve been friends for years now, and you’ve been there for me in sick or in health, now that you are sick is my turn to take care of you as a friend, am coming to the hospital to see you. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • You are strong, you are great and you are special, no illness can bring you down. Recover speedily from illness.
  • We are wishing you return back to fitness; we are missing your companionship and your good word of advice. Please recover quickly.
  • We are praying that you get back on your feet, stronger, healthier and better. We wish you speedy recovery from illness.
  • Speedy recovery from illness my friend, illness is not fit for your body.

Trending Speedy Recovery Wishes.

Trending Speedy Recovery Wishes

Illness can be caused by the food and drink we consume if they are contaminated, and sometimes illness can be caused by stress which is the body’s reaction to harmful situations. Either way, it can affect one emotionally when someone close or dear to us falls ill, you miss them, you anticipate for their Speedy Recovery, and you wish the doctors could just administer pills that could make them recover fast from illness.

♦. You are one of our best workers, you got injured giving your very best to this company and we as your workplace friends and colleagues are wishing you a speedy recovery.

♦. Ever since you’ve been ill, production in the company has decreased and the customers have been complaining about lack of products to buy. Please recover fast from this illness, because you are more than important to us.

♦. I just want to use this message to let you know that you are precious to me, I wish you are right here with me. Speedy recovery is what I wish you.

♦. My knees are down praying that you recover from illness as quick as possible.

♦. No kind of germ nor disease can hold you down, I know you have a strong immune system that can fight against any disease. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

♦. Since I heard about your health condition my heart aches, but I know you are stronger than any form of illness and better than how the doctors and nurses may see you. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

♦. Take your time to heal from the wound on your body, it won’t stay for long very soon it will be a story to tell. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lovely Speedy Recovery Wishes.

Lovely Speedy Recovery Wishes

♥. Love is the very best gift to the heart; I just want to let you know that no illness can wither my love for you. I wish you a speedy recovery, my love.

♥. Please recover fast the hospital bed is not the right place for your beautiful body. I love you and I hope you recover fast from this illness.

♥. My heart longs for you please get well soon am missing your companionship.

♥. Get well soon because this illness is affecting me too, I know am sick for missing you by my side. I wish you a speedy recovery, my friend.

♥. Smile, please smile, am sending you this note just to make you smile yourself out of illness, you are very special to me and am missing you like the sky misses the rainbow. Please recover speedily.

♥. We’ve been missing you here at the school and our colleagues have been asking about you, but I just told them you are ill, and we’ve been praying and wishing you recover soon from illness. Please get well soon.

♥. Despite what has happened you shall overcome, remember bad times doesn’t last forever, you are more than a conqueror believe it. I wish you recover soon.

♥. I like to see you strong and healthy, but the doctor said you are ill, remember this you are stronger than the doctor thinks you are, nothing can keep you down. I wish you good health and a speedy recovery.

♥. I wish that you feel better again so you can enjoy life better than it used to. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.

♥. I’m waiting for you to return back home so that we can enjoy our happy moments and I pray for your total and quick recovery.

♥. Being ill makes those who love you feel depressed, but my wish for you is energy from heaven to strengthen you through this period. Speedy Recovery I wish you. – copied from Lovelifestatus.com

♥. Hello, since you became ill, I feel sad within me and I wish I could take away this ill-causing disease from your body right now. But I pray the angels of the Lord to visit you with a heavenly dose of pills and injections to make you strong and healthy again. Have a Speedy Recovery.

♥. I’m bringing sweet-smelling flowers to you, to make you smile and brighten up your day as you get ready to leave the hospital bed. Take care as I wish you quick recovery from illness.

♥. Ever since you fell ill, life is becoming grumpy without you, please recover speedily am missing you.

♥. All I know is that you are renewing in strength and in beauty because angels like you don’t fall sick. Please get well soon my heart beats for you.

♥. Am sending you this message to revive you and to let you know you are not alone, we are praying and expecting you to come back home healthy. We wish you a Speedy recovery.

♥. Our knees are on the ground, praying for you. Take care for it will only get better with you. Wishing you a quick recovery

♥. We care and still love you no matter your health condition, take a little rest and be healthy again. We wish you a better recovery

♥. Those tiny things called germs cannot keep you down with this disease, remember you are stronger than any disease, and you have overcome them all. Have a healthy day as you recover speedily.

♥. Let the doctors do their job and you will be fine, I know you are healthier than they think you are. I wish you Speedy Recovery.

♥. My prayer topic has always been good health and more wealth for you as recover speedily. You are strong and healthy believe that. Have nice day

♥. Take care bad times only last for a short period of time, happy days are on the way to come. Wishing you a healthier recovery.

♥. Am worried that you are lying ill in the hospital bed, whereas you have a better bed in your house, please recover fast we are missing your companionship and your bed is missing your body. Have a speedy recovery.

♥. Today might be boring but tomorrow is filled with joy, happiness and laughter. I hope to see you healthy again. Please do have a healthy day.

♥. I am fervently praying that you get back to your feet better than you are now, please take your medication as prescribed by the doctor. I pray that you have a swift recovery.

♥. I know you are hospitalized and it is boring to be there, take care, dearest. I wish you a Speedy Recovery from illness.

♥. Though sometimes negative things happen in form of sickness or come in another form, I just want to remind you that you are positive-minded. Take care and Stay Positive. I wish you a quick recovery.

♥. Be strong and courageous, you are a winner, and you have overcome. I pray you to recover quickly from this illness.

♥. You are not a sicky person, this one is just for a moment, Sickbed is not for you. So, get well soon and come back home healthier and happier. Wishing you a quick recovery.

♥. You are like the light that shines in the day, so nothing can stop you from shining each day I repeat nothing, so rise up from this sick bed and shine, we are waiting for you to shine brighter. Have a healthy day.

♥. Take a little rest you’ve been working so hard to make life better, you are not ill, remember is just a rest. Because I know someone like you is strong to fall ill. Have a healthy day.

Latest Speedy Recovery Messages.

Latest Speedy Recovery Messages

♣. You are stronger than any form of disease, I wish you recover speedily.

♣. May you enjoy the best of health today and beyond. You are healthier and better as you recover.

♣. I wish you a speedy recovery, your body is not a home for sickness.

♣. I heard about your health condition, and I’m sending you this note to let you know that am by your side praying and wishing you get better soon.

♣. I wish you speedy recovery from this pain you are passing through, and be hopeful for better and healthier days, are ahead.

♣. We are sorry about the health challenges you are passing through, I am strongly behind you in prayers and whatever it may be, and I pray that you recover swiftly.

♣. Please take care, sorry for the pain you are passing through, Wishing you a quick recovery.

♣. You’re a true friend, we fill your impact on our lives and we are missing you and your good words of advice.

♣. You are in our hearts and in our prayers, we pray to God that you recover from this sickness as quick as possible.

♣. In any condition of your life, I still love you and I just want to let you know I love you and am wishing you a Speedy Recovery from this Sickness.

♣. Feel better your body is no room for sickness. Speedy Recovery I wish you.

♣. Just woke up this morning thinking about you, I know you are in the hospital bed, but I wish you are right here with me for I’m missing you, dearest. Please recover fast and come back home.

♣. Best of health is what I wish for you as you go through the medication at the hospital. Take care and stay healthy for us all.

♣. We are wishing you a speedy recovery from sickness. Our prayer is that you recover from all that you’ve lost as we anticipate your speedy recovery.

♣. Take time to heal from this injury on your body, I’m on my way to see you and I pray that you recover speedily.

♣. Be strong, be positive, nothing can break you, because you are unbreakable. Please recover fast.

♣. Wishing you a successful treatment, you can only get better and you are unstoppable. I’m waiting to hear your testimony of how you overcome.

♣. I heard you are feeling sick, I pray that you get better. Have a Speedy Recovery.

♣. Please get well soon my dear, I’m missing you like never before.

♣. Recover Fast, everyone is missing you, our prayer for you is that you recover fast to a better and healthier life. Get well soon!

♣. There is time for everything says the holy book, time to rest and time to have fun, please recover fast from illness. I’m anticipating your speedy recovery.

Best Speedy Recovery Messages.

Best Speedy Recovery Messages.

1. I know you are feeling sick and lying down on the hospital bed, am sorry about that, but I just want to let you know that you are stronger than your present health condition. Best wishes and quickest recovery.

2. Get up! and walk for your body is no room for sickness. Arise from the bed and move forward into a better life of enjoyment. Have a Healthier day.

3. Take care dear, this sickness cannot keep you down, I’m praying for you and I hope you will recover in no distant time. I wish you Speedy Recovery.

4. Though the pills are bitter and the injections are painful, I just want this message to bring you good health and joy as you take your medication. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

5. I Pray that angels will administer good health to your body tonight and you will wake up feeling stronger and healthier. Wishing you the best of health.

6. Please recover speedily, I am missing you so much. I can’t wait to see you back home. Get well soon.

7. Everyone is missing you both family and friends, please get well soon. We wish you a Speedy Recovery.

8. I wish the balm in Gilead could heal you right now, I would have gone to Gilead for your sake. I wish that you recover speedily.

9. I can’t stop thinking about you, am feeling emotional for your sake, please my dear friend, get well soon.

10. You are stronger than you thought you are, yes you are, be strong, stay positive, for I have said some prayers for you, your healing is on the way. Better health I wish you.

11. Get well soon and soar like an Eagle, remember eagles don’t lie on a hospital bed. Please recover fast and soar higher.

Speedy Recovery Messages can be written having considered the following factors;

  1. Whom you are writing to,
  2. Your relationship with them, and their present condition.

Whichever you’re looking for be it Speedy Recovery Quotes, Speedy Recovery wishes For Him / Her, Speedy Recovery Wishes After Surgery or Speedy Recovery Prayer Messages. We’ve got a collection of special, lovely, Trending, latest and best speedy recovery messages below.

Special Speedy Recovery Quotes.

♠. “You are in my thought as I wish you a quick recovery from sickness.”

♠. “This might be the rainy days but remember after rain comes sunshine. This sickness will not last forever. I wish you Speedy Recovery.”

♠. “Please get well soon, I believe you are strongly and wonderfully made. Your body is too strong for sickness to stay. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

♠. “I give you warm hugs from here and I pray you’ll come back stronger and healthier than before. I wish you a quick recovery. I Love you.”

♠. “Angels are on guard day and night, therefore do not be afraid for the Lord is with you. Speedy Recovery Dear.”

♠. “I wish you a Speedy Recovery as I hope you will return back home safe and healthy. Have a healthy day.”

♠. “Am happy you are recovering fast, please do get alright so you can return home, we are missing you. Have a healthy day.”

♠. “One of the healthiest persons I know has fallen sick, but I’m very sure you will overcome this. Please recover fast we await your return.”

♠. “In this world, there are so many trials and tribulations, sometimes they come in form of sickness, remember weeping endures for a night, but joy will surely come in the morning. May you experience a joyful and healthy morning as you recover fast from sickness.”

♠. “Injections are painful and pills are bitter, but my love for you is gainful and sweeter. I wish you Speedy Recovery.”

♠. “Please recover fast my heart long for you as my eyes want to see you home. The hospital is no home for you, get well soon and come back home.”

♠. “You been very strong, working tirelessly now is the time for you to have a little rest. Please do have a good rest as I wish you a Speedy Recovery.”

♠. “If I could take your place, I would just take this illness from you, I can’t watch you lying down on that hospital bed. Please Recover quickly my dear.”

♠. “I pray may the Angels of God straight forth their healing hands towards you and make you whole. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.”

♠. I’m praying you to recover and be of sound health better than you used to be. Wishing you healthy days ahead.”

♠. “May you regain your strength and all that you’ve lost during this period of sickness. I wish you a Speedy Recovery.”

♠. “I wish you a quick recovery as I continue to pray for you till you get better.”

♠. “I pray that God heals you, so you can testify of his goodness in your life. Please get well soon.”

♠. “Please be strong and never let sickness bring you down.”

♠. “Be back on your feet I wish you a speedy recovery. “

♠. “Come back to fitness, sickness is not for your body.”

♠. “You are amazing, special and cheerful. Please get well soon we are missing you.”

♠. “Disease has caused you to become ill. But I’m ever ready to be with you until you recover. Please get well soon.”

♠. “I know you want more care and love, but lying down in the hospital bed isn’t the right way to ask for it. Please recover fast am ready to love you more.

♠. “If love, kisses and hugs can heal sickness, I would love, kiss and hug you day and night so that you will stay healthy for me all day long. I wish you Speedy Recovery.”

Lovely Speedy Recovery Wishes for Him.

  • Knowing you are sick makes me ill, I’m missing your sweet lips, hugs, and companionship. Please recover fast.
  • I know you are stronger than any disease, nothing can keep you down, but as for me, I will always be your girlfriend till the very end. Please get well soon.
  • Darling, I know you will be fine, please don’t get upset in no distance time you will get better. I wish you a quicker recovery.
  • I will always be by your side no matter the condition, in sickness or in health. I wish you a Speedy Recovery.
  • Wishing you the best of health. I love you, please recover fast.
  • Please, Honey, get well soon, ever since you became ill, I feel lonely and sad. I wish you a speedy recovery, my love.

Trending Speedy Recovery Wishes for Her.

♥. My love, this sickness is not just affecting you alone am getting affected too, because since you became ill, I’m feeling like I’ve lost my liver. Please get well soon my love.

♥. The most beautiful girl I know is lying ill in the hospital bed. Please, get well soon, babe. I’m missing your soft lips and smiling face.

♥. Babe, my arms are wide open to welcome you into a healthy and fun-filled life. I wish you a Speedy Recovery.

♥. Sweetheart is on my way to the hospital to give you a warm embrace and hot kisses that will drive away the cold in your body. I wish you better health, my heart desires.

♥. You are cute, you are special and loving, and no amount of disease can take away the best in you. Get better honey, you are the very best thing that has happened to me.

♥. I know those male doctors are wishing you stay more with them, I say no to that sweetie, your body is not meant for the hospital bed. I wish you Speedy Recovery.

Latest Speedy Recovery Wishes After Surgery.

get well soon wishes and messages

  • Surgery is not an easy experience, but we are glad you are safe and fine. I wish you the best of health.
  • Glory to God, you made it through this journey of surgery, I wish you better health. I love you.
  • Have a quick recovery from this surgery, you are in our heart and we will never let you down no matter what. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.
  • My heart bleeds when I heard you are going for surgery, but am happy that you are stronger and better. Have a healthy lifestyle.
  • May you recover quickly and enjoy the best of life, we will continue to pray for you until you recover better from surgery.
  • Hoping that you heal better from this surgery. We wish you a better recovery.
  • Take care, my friend, and enjoy more fruits and vitamins to enable you to heal faster. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Happy to hear that you made it through surgery, stay safe and heal better. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.
  • Surgery can’t stop you; you overcame it and I hope you will heal Speedily. Wishing you a Speedy Recover.
  • We have been praying for you, and thank God you are done with this Surgery. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.
  • All thanks to God, for a successful surgery. Take care and stay safe.
  • Our prayers and thoughts will continue to be with you after this surgery. Have a healthy day.
  • From the depth of my heart, I say you are an amazing person, since you left for surgery, we feel the vacuum in our hearts. I wish you a Speedy Recovery.
  • We are here to take good care of you until you recover better, we all know what it means to go through surgery, also remember to take more vitamins. I wish you a Speedy Recovery.
  • Good day, my dear, I hope you are feeling better after this surgery, sometimes we have to pass through the storm of life but am glad you sail through. Wishing you a speedy Recovery!
  • I know you went through pains during the Surgery, but all thanks to God you are strong and better now, Have a wonderful healthy day.

Best Speedy Recovery Prayer Message.

  • I pray you to recover speedily, you are healed, you are safe, you are strong and no evil shall befall you.
  • May the angels of the lord strengthen and heal you from sickness. I pray that you feel better soon.
  • Calling on Heaven for your sake, you are covered under the canopy of the Almighty, the Lord’s angel will guard you day and night. I wish you a speedy recovery!
  • Though you are feeling sick, healthy living is the most important in life, and right now I pray that any part of your body that is feeling weak or ill, I command it to receive strength and be healed, for you are more than a conqueror. You are healed, Divine Health is yours enjoy it!
  • I feel grumpy whenever I think of your health condition, but right now! I Command! that sickness in your body to live, for your body is not its home. Hallelujah! You are Healed! In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.
  • Heavenly Father may you skillfully guide the hand of the surgeon who is going to operate on our father, may you give him wisdom and whatever he needs to make the surgery a success. We ask for his speedy recovery and may the whole family become his caregiver during this recovery process.
  • I am praying that you feel better soon, you are here to fulfil your purpose on planet earth, nothing can stop you, I repeat nothing can. Anticipating your quick recovery.
  • Good day, my dear friend, I’ve been praying for your quick recovery and I know healing is taking place right now in you. Have a healthy day.
  • I’m praying for you my friend, and one of my prayer topics is that the Lord should locate you with his healing hands. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • I pray the lord shall immune you over any form of disease. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.
  • It is written in the holy books that “Prayer moves mountain” that’s why I’m calling on the heavenly father that through this prayer am saying, any mountain of sickness or weakness I command them to move out from your body. You are healed. Have a Healthy day.
  • I heard about your health condition and it touched me that my friend is passing through this when I visited you at the hospital, I saw that you are looking very ill, but don’t worry your miracle is on the way as I pray that any part of your body that is feeling weak, I command! them to be strong and healthy in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!
  • Say these words thrice to yourself, believe it as you say it and you shall be healed. “By the power of the Almighty God, I’m healed and all good things I’ve lost I recover them all in the name of Jesus, Amen.
  • Don’t worry about your health condition by the grace and power of God you are healed. Have a Healthy Day.
  • Keep believing in God, for he cares and knows what you are going through, I pray his healing hands will locate you speedily to wipe away your tears and take away your sorrow. Remember God cares and I care too. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery.
  • I pray for you this day that you shall recover speedily from sickness. Wishing you get well soon!


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