Beautiful 100+ Safe Journey Message to My Love

Seeing the person you truly love going on a journey without you is painful. But since there’s nothing you can do at that moment, sending them a safe journey message. This page does not ONLY contains Safe Journey Message to My Love, but also beautiful pictures you can send via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You’re in love, yeah, I know. Because that is the most likely reason why you’re viewing this page right now, searching for the best love message to send your love, wishing them a safe trip. However, I’ll recommend you check out these amazing Sexy Love Quotes and Captions for the Love of Your Life. For example: “Love is friendship set on fire”.

safe journey message to my love

Safe Journey Pictures To Send to My Love.

Here are beautiful photos you can send to your significant others. If you like, you can choose to send both pictures and a message, wishing your Love one, a safe journey.

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Happy Journey Quotes For Girlfriend

safe journey caption for my love

Best Safe Journey Quotes

safe travel message for my love

Safe Journey Message to My Love.

1. I’m always connected with you by love, no matter where you are. Safe Journey, My heart.

2. Wishing you a safe journey my love. You know how much I cherish traveling, but whenever I’m not traveling with you, I always feel lonely till you return.

3. Once you’re far from me, you’re always in my mind. I constantly think about you because there’s nothing more important to me, than you. Love you forever.

4. The road ahead may be long, but you’ll make it there safe and sound. Happy journey.

5. Thinking about you on this trip, and fervently asking God to shower you with His blessings, protection on this trip. Stay safe my love.

6. Here’s today Reminder: You’re in God’s care and my prayers today. Safe Trip and always know how much I love you.

7. I know am supposed to say Goodbye. But it will be a lie. Because there’s no goodbye between us, you’re always in my heart. Safe trip my love.

8. Words can’t describe what you mean to me. So I’ll just tell you I love you and see you again when you return to me safely.

9. May your journey be free from stress, and I pray that God Almighty brings you home safely into my welcoming arms. You’re my heartbeat forever.

10. I pray your journey to be peaceful, and you get the maximum success and enjoyment out of this trip. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. Already missing you.

11. Distance means so little when someone special means so much. You’re my “someone special” every day.

12. Whenever you’re going far from me, my heart and mind, thoughts always center around you, because you’re my everything. Safe trip my heartbeat.

13. Go safe, Move safe, Stay safe, Leave safe, and then come back safe.

14. Hope you have a safe trip, my love. When you’re coming back, I’ll be eagerly waiting with flowers! Love you so much.

15. I love traveling, I would have loved to travel with you, but when you’re not with me, I feel lonely without your arms around me, your face beaming rays of smiles towards me. Safe journey my Sunshine.

best love quote to send my love

16. May you be safe wherever you are. Enjoy the ride and remain safe.

17. I wish you well and hope to see you return back, healthy and happy. I’ll continue missing you till you return. Safe Journey my love.

18. No matter where you go, you’ll always be in my heart. Safe journey!

19. Safe journey and I hope that you have the most amazing time and come back with amazing memories that you’ll tell the grandkids.

20. May the Angels of God fly you safely wherever you roam, and guide you back safely to family and home. I Love you dearly.

21. You’re more special than words I can come up with, safe journey, and always know that I love you dearly and continuously praying for you.

22. May God Almighty always keep his kind eyes on you in this journey. Be safe.

23. May your travel cures the biggest worries of your life and give you answers to all you need. Stay Safe and always remember how much you mean to me. I love you.

24. Wishing with all my heart that you have an amazing, wonderful, and exciting trip.

25. May your journey be filled with adventures and excitement. May you experience it all.

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26. Make many memories and take all the pictures as you go round the world, and always remember that every day, my love for you grows stronger. I love you with all my heart.

27. Hello baby, I wish you well and journey mercies on your trip. Take good care of yourself over there and have a fun and enjoyable trip.

28. I struck diamond when I found you. I’m surprised that it’s just a few hours since you left, and am already missing you. Oh God, calm my heart. Safe Journey my love.

29. “I wish you well on your journey my love, my heart goes with you and will accompany you wherever you are. May God always protect you and keep you safe for me.”

30. “It’s in time like this that I know just how much your presence means to me. Safe trip, but always remember that I will be waiting here with open arms and a heart that forever belongs to you.”

31. “My heart beats for you, and the love I have for you is forever. Wishing you Journey mercies and success in your trips. Love you to the moon and back.”

32. “Always remember that you’re my LOVE here, and anywhere in the world where you are. Ensure you have fun and learn a lot because I want to hear them all.”

33. “The thought of you leaving me, even though it’s for a few days hurt, but I take comfort in knowing that you will return soon. Wishing you journey mercies and a safe trip.”

34. “Happy voyage My Love, take lots of pictures of all the places you visit, because I want you to tell me everything you saw and experienced there.”

35. “I feel a little sad and bad. Sad because we had never parted before because of a trip, and bad that I am already missing you, even though I know how important this trip is to you. Bon Voyage!”

Safe Travel Quotes for Safe Journey

36. Do take loads of Pictures everywhere, because I want to hear your voice telling me every reason behind each picture. I’m already missing you.

37. “Distance is not an obstacle to our love, because it knows no boundary. I said goodbye at the airport and eagerly awaits your calls and emails, I miss you so much right, I love you so much.”

38. “I know it is not possible to travel together but I am still glad you have the opportunity to learn about another country, I will always be thinking of you and sending you my love across the distance.”

39. “Wherever you would travel, just know that you carry a part of me too “My Heart”. I love you and I wish you well on your travels.”

40. “Take care of yourself, because you’re my world and an answer to my prayers. Do remember that I am here praying for your return and wishing you the best during your trip.”

41. “I’ll be waiting for every message you send, and every photo attached because I want to feel like being there too. I love you very much and I will be waiting with all my love.”

42. “Journey mercies and Godspeed in accomplishing the purpose of this trip. Don’t forget to learn the culture and everything positive, I want to learn from you.”

43. “Yes, I understand that this journey is important to you, even though my heart refuses to understand and am already missing you, don’t forget my love, how much I love you, and may you get the best of everything on this trip.”

44. Every step you take away from home, the Lord will guide you right, never be afraid of what lies ahead of you on this journey, it will bring you success and goodness, safe trip, my dear.

45. I have prayed that the Lord remove every hardship on your path as you set out on this beautiful journey; wishing you a very safe trip, go well.

Safe Journey Message for My Love

46. Safe journey my love, thought of me will keep you warm on this journey, I will be here praying for you as move on, I will miss you greatly, smile.

47. My Lord will make your journey easy for you; no fatigue will overwhelm you on this journey, go well, safe journey.

48. Every journey that takes you away from home is important, be hopeful for a beautiful trip, my Lord will take you there and bring you back safely. I’ll always love you.

49. As you embark on this trip, My prayer and wish is that every moment on this journey be a blissful experience to you, safe journey.

50. This journey will bring you prosperity and pleasure, everyone is bound for this trip and the reason behind it be a success, wishing you a safe journey.

51. As you go for gold, reach for success through this trip, I wish you a safe flight. May you get the best of everything.

52. Watching you leave home tonight, tears freely flow down my face. Just can’t imagine how much I miss you. But I wish you a safe trip, may the Lord make your journey a sweet memory, farewell my angel.

53. A wise man once said “A journey of thousands of miles begins with a step” I pray that as you take the first step away from home today, You’ll get everything you seek for out there, wishing you a safe journey.

54. May your life be filled with brilliant ideas and harmony. Have a safe trip, my Love.

Safe Journey SMS to My Love

55. Stay strong throughout the journey. Meeting you has shown me that there are energetic and reliable people like you. You’re one in a million and am happy that am yours! Safe trip my love.

56. In every step that you take on this journey, may the light of the Lord clear a road for you that will lead to your greatness and bring you success, prosperity, happiness, good health. Amen.

57. You will make it through by the grace of God. Enjoy yourself, and make the best use of every moment, wishing you a safe trip sweetheart.

58. Darling, I pray that the Lord protects and guides your footsteps. May he take you to your destination safely, a safe trip Honey.

59. May the angels of the lord take over the wheels on this incredible journey, go well, baby.

60. May your journey be full of wonderful events, don’t forget that you’re the joy of my life. When you arrive at your destination, please call me.

61. For every step you take away from home, may God’s protection and guidance cover you. Throughout this trip, winning and excellent ideals will come from within. God richly bless you.

62. May the Lord be your pilot and protector as you board your flight today. Every turbulent wind or issue is canceled. Have a safe trip, my sweetheart.

63. The light of heaven will continue to supervise and oversee you as you leave on this journey today, have a safe journey.

64. May the angels of the Lord surround, protect, guide, and shield you in this journey. Have a nice Journey.

65. O, Lord! Protect all those who travel by road, air, and sea today, in your hands lies all that is good. My love is traveling today, Lord, protect him and let no harm come before him.

66. Go well my dearest; As you left home Healthy and strong today, may God return you back home safely, healthy and joyous. May God watch over you throughout this travel. Safe journey.

67. May God appoints and give his angels charge over you as you travel through the sea, let all strong waves be tame for you, Best wishes, and can’t wait to be in your arms again.

68. The path that would lead you to greater success and peace is all I wish for you. Throughout your stay in this journey, everything good will come easier for you in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen.

69. The light of heaven will continue to oversee and lead you on this journey. Safe travels, baby.

70. My hands are held up in payers for you; I look up to the hills from where come my help, and my help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and earth. May the Lord watch over you in your going out and coming in. Safe journey sweetheart.

71. Keep our good memory in mind and always remember the good times we shared; I will always remain yours forever, safe journey my sweet love and please, do send me a message when you arrive to calm my mind.

72. Can’t wait to see the most beautiful face in the world again, am already missing you. I wish you the best as you travel this morning, safe journey my king.

73. By the power that raised up Jesus Christ from the grave, the road will be smooth, the journey will be worth the experience, May your heart desires be granted. Safe journey my darling.

74. I’m positive, confident, assured, and optimistic that this journey will bring you a better outcome and change your life for good. Wishing you an extraordinary trip.

75. The more I think about not seeing you during this period of your trip, the more my lips long for yours. It’s no secret how much I’m going to miss you. Safe journey my sweetheart.

76. Whatever the condition of the road is the Lord will make it in your favor, wishing you and everyone traveling with you, a pleasant journey. Yes, you know am going to miss you and call me when you reach your destination.

77. Look up at the sky and see the vast empty space. I pray that your journey is as smooth as the birds gliding freely in the sky. My heart is like space but filled with sun, moon, and myriad of stars (you’re my sun, moon and stars). You’re my world and safe journey.

78. May the Lord adorn beyond your wildest imagination on this trip, men will seek you out to favor you. Safe journey to you, beloved.

79. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every power-seeking your downfall be destroyed. May God guide and protect you throughout this journey. Stay safe.

80. The joy of seeing you again is tremendous and bigger than the pain of seeing you leave on this journey, I eagerly await your safe return, safe journey my heartbeat.

81. Your flight will be smooth and memorable, wishing you a safe departure and a safe landing, a safe journey to you.

82. I wonder how my life would have been without you, and you departing for this few time has shown me how invaluable you are to me. Yes, you are my angel, and I love you with all my heart. Be Safe out there.

83. When you’re coming back from this journey, I pray that God’s blessing overwhelms you. May you receive in 100 folds, everything you seek that took you away from the comfort of your home and me. Safe trip baby.

84. You will always remain the hero of my life. Without you by my side, I usually feel like being in the corner of the world, scared of it. Being with you has made me a strong human.

85. Throughout this trip, I prayed the Lord of gracious mercies to eliminate every fatigue and hardship. Enjoy your trip dearest.

86. May the Lord of Host, the King of all Kings, Creator of the universe, guard you to your destination.

87. May the purpose of your journey be achieved. As you go, may you reach your destination in good health. May this trip be lovely and remarkable in your life and business.

88. Travelling comes with its pleasure and adventure, I pray for your safety as you pass from city to city. Have an amazing stay and enjoy every moment of it. Stay safe and cool as always.

89. The Lord God Almighty will make the beginning of your journey be smooth till you reach your destination Hale and hearty. Enjoy and use me as your Wallpaper please? Smiles. I love you.

90. Before meeting you, I wonder why some people are always Happy. Since meeting you, you make my world sparkles, smile endlessly, and always be happy. Be safe and have the most amazing trip. Love you to the moon and back.

91. As you travel over countries and seas, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the adventure of this journey. Have a safe journey.

92. It is not easy to stay anywhere without you. I thought we had a Home, I never knew that anywhere you are is HOME to me. I pray for your safe going and safe returning, missing you.

93. Your safety is paramount to me, my heart, well-being, and my soul in general. Yes, you’re that important to me. May the Lord remove all the harm on your path as you leave home today to your destination. Have a lovely trip.

94. I know you want to take care of everything because you care so much about the well-being of everyone. This time around, don’t worry about the things you left behind, I will take care of everything, safe journey. But don’t forget to call and remember how much I love you.

95. The engines of your car will function well, you won’t experience any difficulties or obstacles on your path, wishing you a safe journey.

96. It is hard to say goodbye because I’ve come to understand that you’re my world. Go safe and come back safely. Safe journey my king.

97. Throughout this journey, from the beginning to the end, may the Lord be your guidance. Stay safe and enjoy this journey. I love you.

98. Safe travel! Enjoy the beauty of the south, and please, don’t forget to call or text me when you arrive at your destination.

99. May the light of the Lord continuously reflect in your life. May every moment in this journey be memorable and enjoyable. Can’t wait to have you in my arms again. I love you.

100. I want to tell you how much I will miss you, my love, but even my voice is shaky right now, my hands are sweaty, and my eyes soaking with water. I miss you already and can’t wait to hear your voice. Have a nice trip and do call me when you get there.

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