Sad Valentines Quotes – Sad Valentines Day Quotes for Singles and Heartbroken

Valentine’s day is always 14th February, and it’s the official day to celebrate Love. This is the day when love is globally and universally celebrated. Here are over 158+ sad Valentines quotes, images, and captions you can choose from.

But still, on this Valentine’s day that love is shared and celebrated, most people go through heart-wrenching pains due to several reasons. Like losing a loved one, heartbroken, while some couples who are in long-distance relationships are sad that they are not together to celebrate Valentine. etc.

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Valentine’s day is a time to celebrate the joy of being in Love. Unless you’re single and lonely, then it’s called Laundry Day.

sad valentine days quotes

A sad thing in life is that sometimes, you meet someone who means a lot to you only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go.

sad valentine days quote

I wish they have a word for being happy and sad at the same time. Because that is what I feel whenever I am with you.

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Love is like a war, Easy to be in: But very hard to stop.

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If you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s day, just remember that nobody loves you on any other day of the year either.

Sad Valentines Day Quotes

It hurts to be reminded of the Valentines days we spent together.

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I got no time for you on this valentine’s day. Hope you have a happy Velentines day.

sad valentine quotes

My heart lones for you, My soul dies for you, My eyes cry for you, and my empty arms reach out for you.

sad valentine day quotes

You’re the first person who broke my heart. For the rest of my life, you will always be the one who hurt me the most. Don’t forget about that.

Valentines’ day is the worst day for the broken-hearted, those who are just getting out of serious relationships. You want to communicate your pain and sadness through your social media handle, right? These sad Valentine quotes will certainly guide you in the right direction.

If your GF or BF is angry and you want that person back in your life, I’ll recommend you use these emotional valentine’s day quotes to reach out to them. You are free to scan and pick any of these sad quotes to express your love on this very special February 14th.

Note, you can also send him/her romantic Valentine’s day quotes.

These Valentine’s Day sad quotes can be used to share your pains/sadness in a few words.

Heart-Broken Sad Valentine Quotes.

1. I’m jealous of ”Old Me” because you loved the old me a lot more than this Me.

2. I’m already disliking myself at this single-on-Valentine’s-Day level. it does not fit into my life.

3. It’s hard to keep on going, especially if there’s no you in the journey.

4. I lost more than my boyfriend, I lost my soulmate last Valentine’s Day.

5. I’m sad today, because the greater your capacity to love, the greater the pain you’ll feel when hurt.

6. A life with love may likely meet thorns, but living a life without love will have no roses.

7. Let people be in love and be happy, don’t ruin Valentine’s Day just because you’re sad.

8. Hey, I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you promised me you’ll never be.

9. Every Valentine’s day constantly reminds me that I need to change something in my life, and that is my lover.

10. With you, Valentine’s day holds no meaning. Every day I spent in your arms is my Valentine’s day.

11. Who else noticed that Valentine’s Day is so fake. If you love a girl, you don’t need February 14th to treat her special. Treating her once out of 365 days is not love.

12. If you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day, just remember that nobody loves you the other days as well. – Azgraybebly Joslan.

13. A real man can make every day Valentine’s day for his girl.

14. There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.

15. It’s saddening to lose someone we love, but the worst of it all is losing ourselves while loving them.

16. My heart truly longs for you, My soul dies for you, My eyes cry for you, And my empty arms helplessly reach out for you.

17. Tell that girl or guy you love them because one day you’re going to wake up and realize that you should have tried.

Funny Sad Valentines Day Quote.

sad valentine days quote for singles

Key calm. Valentine’s day is Not overrated… You’re just single and Lonely.

Sad Valentine Day Quotes.

♠ I got no time for you on this Valentine’s Day. It’s an alone time for me.

♠ I loved you when the sunset yesterday, I love you when the moon comes tonight and I will love when the sun rises tomorrow.

♠ I’m anti-love because there are cooler ways to cry.

♠ This is not a sad valentine day quote, but seriously, it’s just for commercial purposes only.

♠ I’m not yours, you’re not mine.. Please, can you be my anti-valentine?

♠ I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be. Happy Valentine’s Day!

♠ Who cares about Valentine’s day? I’m busy, please.

♠ I wish that Valentine’s Day usually comes with a fast-forward button. I’ll eagerly fast forward it.

♠ I may not always tell you just how special you are to me, I may not reach you because I am busy, but you are someone I really love and care for.

♠ When you see your love leave, don’t make her/his path slippery with your tears. Make the transition easy so that both can start afresh.

♠ Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus; the tighter you hold on, the more it hurts. Happy Valentine to those who are in a healthy relationship today.

♠ Hey, I don’t hate Valentine’s day, but I think you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show someone how much they mean to you.

♠ I won’t cry for you on this Valentine’s Day, My mascara is too expensive to be soiled.

♠ Don’t talk to me about Valentine’s Day. At my age, an affair of the heart is a bypass! – Joan Rivers.

♠ I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I ONLY belong to myself. – Warsan Shire.

♠ Valentine’s Day provides the best opportunity to think of all your horrible relationships.

♠ The loneliest month of the year is February, and even those who are comfortable being single are not excluded.

♠ I’m not saying valentines’ day is bad. I’m just saying someone will be getting fake love tonight.

♠ Valentine’s day to me is manipulative and provides humans with a shallow interpretation of romance day.

♠ I think I’m gonna be anti-valentine this year. Butterflies in stomachs and hearts skipping beats? Medically speaking, that can’t be safe.

♠ Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday it’s just for commercial purposes.

♠ That awkward moment when you realize that Valentines’ day is approaching fast and the only one who loves you is your pet and your parents.

Final Thoughts.

This post is dedicated to everyone out there who has recently broken up or is going to celebrate this Valentine’s lonely, or those who are single. The above status provides you with a compiled list of anti-valentines days quotes for singles, etc.

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