Inspirational Words For a Pastor

Inspirational Words For my Pastor

One thing we do forget is this: “Pastors are humans with limited energy, time, and strength too, with their own personal/family issues too”. They also have wives, children and things that requires their attention and love. Pastors need time for rest and recreation as well; they have down days and sometimes, faces challenges to their … Read more

Words of Appreciation For a Pastor and His Wife

Words of Appreciation For a Pastor and His Wife

Here are some amazing words of appreciation for a Pastor and his wife. Pastors and their wives go through a lot spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, etc. Recommended: 33+ Powerful Bible Verses – Scriptures on Blessings and Favor. When you come across a genuine man of God, what people see outside is the glamour, the shiny … Read more

20+ Powerful Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times

prayer for strength during difficult times

Going through difficult times is something even people close to you won’t understand. A wise man once said: Some people don’t ask for help because they believed no one is capable or willing. Here are prayers for strength during difficult times which are highly recommended. Either it’s health issues, debt, loan, school, griefing over losing … Read more