20 Best Korean Love Quotes – Interesting Korean Love Phrases

Are you searching for the best Korean love quotes, status, or messages? Here on this blog, we will be sharing with you, the best 15 Korean love quotes that you can use to send a unique message to your loved ones in the Korean language!

Amazing, right? You know, sending love messages through the English Language is too normal, why not spice up your relationship by sending your loved one a “I LOVE YOU” message in Korean?

Here are the 15 most powerful phrases in Korean that you can clearly use in telling your boyfriend or girlfriend that you Love them.

Korean Love Quotes

1. I like you.
나는 너를 좋아해 (Naneun neoreul Joahae)

2. I’ve got a crush on you.
나는 너에게 반했어 (Naneun neo-ege banhaesseo)

3. I think of you as more than a friend.
나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해 (Naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saengakhae)

4. Will you be my Valentine(girlfriend or boyfriend)?
나랑 사귈래? (Narang saguillae?)

5. I Love you.
사랑해 (Sarang-hae)

6. Stay still, don’t move.
가만히 있어 (kaman-hi isseo)

7. Can I hug you?
안아도 돼? (Anado dwe?)

8. Can I Kiss you.
키스해도 돼? (Kiss-haedo dwe?)

9. I miss you.
보고 싶어 (Bogo Sipheo)

10. Stay here with me.
내 곁에 있어줘 (Nae gyeote isseo jweo)

11. I love you to death.
죽을 만큼 사랑해 (Chugeul mankeum saranghae)

12. I’m yours.
난 네꺼야 (Nan Ne-kkeoya)

13. Will you marry me?
나랑 결혼할래? (Narang gyeor-hon hallae?)

14. You are the man/woman of my dreams.
당신은 내가 꿈 꾸던 남자/여자예요 (Dangshin-eun naega kudeon namja/yeoja-yeyo)

15. I love you to the moon and back.
하늘만큼 땅만큼 사랑해 (Haneul mankeum tang mankeum saranghae)

Interesting Korean Love Phrases.

  • Boyfriend – 남자친구 (Namja-chingu)

Girlfriend – 여자친구 (Yeoja-chingu)

  • Date – 데이트 (De-i-t)

Blind date – 소개팅 (Sogaeting)

  • You are beautiful – 예뻐요 (Yeppeoyo)

You are handsome – 잘 생겼어요 (Jal saengyeo-sseoyo)

  • Engagement – 약혼 (Yakhon)

Marriage – 결혼 (Kyeor-hon)

How to Address Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend in Korean.

For those who may want to take things further, then here is a little Korean language tutorial for you that very simple to learn and understand.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is the same age as you, you can call him/her by first name. However, if you are in love with someone who is older than you, you can use ‘오빠 – oppa’ (to older boyfriend) or ‘누나 – nuna’ (to older girlfriend).

However, if you want to call him or her names like Honey or Darling, then you can use any of the Korean words below. This is for those who may be feeling more lovey-dovey, you can easily ‘‘여보 – yeobo’’ (Honey) or ‘‘자기야 – Jagiya’’ (darling).

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