Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, SMS and Prayers for December 2023

It is no secret that New Month comes only twelve (12) times a year. The new month provides you with the best opportunity to remind your friends, fiance, boss, mother, father, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, Sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, Pastor, colleagues, etc that you care about them and wish them the best luck in every aspect of their life as they enter the new month.

A new month brings excitement and lots of hope because it signifies a fresh start, a new beginning. We know just how important this is for you, which is why we’ve provided you with the best collection of messages, quotes, captions, wishes, and text messages for your friends, and loved ones to start the month which is gathered from diverse credible sources.

first day new month prayers and blessings

On this particular page, you’ll be seeing a completely unique but huge collection of happy new month messages, new month images, SMS and happy new month wishes that you can send to your family, friends and loved ones to bright up their day.

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Happy New Month SMS For December 2023.

  • It’s a new month, which means it’s another fresh start. Purpose in your heart, be resolved to do exploits. Nothing will stop you from achieving unprecedented success. Happy new month.
  • It’s another new blank book of 31 days! Nothing will stand in your way. This is your month of divine favour and breakthrough. I want to celebrate you this month. Happy New Month.
  • Someone who works as hard as you deserve nothing but the very best. You’re such an amazing bundle of tireless energy. This new month, I’m wishing you happiness all-round and fulfilment in all your endeavours and outstanding success in all that you do. May God bless all of your efforts, always. Happy New Month.
  • I’m thankful that we are alive to witness the start of this new month. It is my fervent prayer that we will witness countless more of this. Go make the best of this new month. Know deep within you that you deserve nothing less than the best. May the Lord grant you all the desires of your heart. Happy New Month.
  • The year is fast advancing and it’s a pleasure to know that you are equally advancing in all areas of your life. Happy new month my precious.
  • This new month, may you never experience stagnation. Henceforth, it is forward ever for you and backward never.
  • You will enjoy the delicious taste of success in all your endeavors. Keep winning and I believe in you. Happy New Month.
  • On each day of this month, may there always be a reason for you to smile? May you experience things that will make your heart joyful. May you never know shame but may you enjoy fame. May your barn overflow with milk and honey. Happy New Month.
  • This new month, I pray that you’ll enjoy the good things in life. May all the dreams in your heart come to manifestation. May all your wonderful ideas find expression this new month. May new doors be opened for you. May your health flourish. Happy New Month.
  • Your hands are the most diligent hands I’ve ever known. This month, may your hands bring in the plentiful harvest for you. May you be celebrated daily this month. Happy New Month, my love.
  • May the Lord say yes to all your plans this month. May all closed doors of good things be opened for you this new month. May God say yes to your success and upliftment. Happy new month.
  • May God’s divine favor and mercy trail you as you traverse this month. May you enjoy the grace of God and be truly happy and filled with joy. Happy new month.
  • May you find joy in your labor this month. May all that you do bring you success, happiness, joy, and peace.
  • May the Lord guide every of your step and lead you on the way to go. May you wear success as a badge of honor. Happy New Month.
  • May all things work together for your good in this new month. May it be well with you in all endeavors. Have a month that’s as superb as you are. Happy New Month my heartbeat.

Happy New Month Prayers for 2023.

Happy New Month Prayers
In this new month, goodness will be your companion. Success will be your umbrella. Blessings will seek you out and all-round favor shall be yours. Happy New Month.
May you enjoy to fullness all of the blessings of this month. May your head not lack oil, may your barn not lack food. May your pockets never be empty. May you be supplied with everything you need to live a good life. Have a beautiful month.
In this month, may your greatness not be limited. May you not dwell in obscurity. May the amazing works your hands are capable of advertising you and launch you into greatness. May your life know beauty like never before. Happy New Month.
I really do hope that this month, you will find all the love and happiness you deserve. May all things work out in your favour. Do have a most pleasant month.
May this month yield for you all the special blessings you deserve. May you have a fruitful one. Happy new month.
In this month, I declare that nothing will hold you back. Nothing will stop you from being what and where you want to be. Nothing will bar you from achieving your dreams and aspiration. You are a winner, this month and always. Happy new month.
In this new month, there’s grace available for you. Grace to be the head and not the tail. Grace to be above always and never beneath. Grace to live and not die. Grace to stand and not fall. Grace to shine. Grace for divine prosperity. Happy New Month.
When others say there is a casting down, this month you shall enjoy the lifting and the grace of God. Miracles and testimonies galore shall be your portion. Happy new month.
Throughout this month, may you wax stronger and better. May you enjoy vitality in your spirit, soul and body. May unusual inspiration distinguish and set you apart for greatness. Happy new month.
There’s no obstacle so great that you’re not capable of overcoming. With God on your side, even the highest mountain will become as a mole hill, to be crushed under your feet. You will be victorious and your excellence will shine like the sun. Happy New Month to you.
Welcome to a brand new month. I encourage you to put in your best this month. I challenge you to be resolved to excel. I believe in you and I do pray that the lines will fall in pleasant places for you.
As you travel through this month, may you journey in peace, love, joy, and prosperity. May your light shine for all to see. Happy new month. Here’s wishing you many beautiful more to come.
In place of judgment, may you find mercy? Instead of troubles, may your heart be at peace. May your life and home experience the unlimited, overwhelming love of the Lord. May this month be positively different for you. Happy New Month.
Divine protection, divine direction, divine peace, mercy, and guidance shall be your companion throughout this month. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. You will find reasons to smile every day of this month. Happy new month.
You shall be above always and never beneath. You shall be the head and not the tail. When others say there is a casting down, your testimony shall be that of a lifting up. It shall be well with you. Happy New Month.
Wrestle your fears to the ground. Fear is natural, use it as a weapon. Get over disappointments and everything holding you back. Happy New Month to you.
In this new month, may you increase on all sides, may your heart leap like a well fed kid in the fields. May you grow in leaps and bounds. There’s no dulling your shine, no holding you back. Have a beautiful month ahead.
Every one of your little efforts this month shall yield massive returns. Your massive efforts shall yield overflowing blessings. Your glory will shine for all to see. You will be celebrated in no small measure. Happy New Month.
May this month leave you with pleasant memories that will last a lifetime. Happy New Month to you.
May each step you take this month lead you closer to achievement of your dreams. May all your aspirations and desires see the light of the day. Happy New Month.
Don’t let anything stop or hold you back this month. You are stronger than you think you are. You are bigger than your fears. Happy New Month.
I believe in you. I believe in the power that is inherent in you. I believe you can succeed despite all odds. Go ahead and make us proud. Happy New Month.
This month, you shall possess the gate of your enemies. They will scramble at your feet begging for food. Your head will lifted high. Have a happy month.
May each day of this month show forth the goodness of God in your life. May songs of praise flow ceaselessly from your lips. May month be your best yet. Happy New Month.
As the month unfolds, may the Lord shine His light on every dark issue in your life. He will give you illumination and insight into every difficult situation. You will not walk in darkness. And it shall be well with you. Happy New Month.

Happy New Month SMS for Friends 2023.

  • You will soar on Eagle’s wings, ride above all challenges of life facing you. May the world witness the rising of your glory this new month. Your enemies will never stop your shining. Happy New Month to you my friend.
  • Where Eagles fly, that is where greatness abounds, and where boundless love exists, that will be your abode this month. Limitless testimonies are your portion! Happy New Month my friend.
  • This is the first of better months for you. May you never know a better yesterday, because your tomorrow will be brighter and brighter. Happy New Month.
  • Divine help and direction will locate you this month. When you call for one, thousands will answer. Everywhere you go, you will be celebrated. Have a beautiful month.
  • You will lend to many, but you will NEVER Borrow. You will not lack or want. The Lord will bless the works of your hand and make your way prosperous. Happy new month.
  • This new month, you will abide under the shadow of the Most High God. You will be divinely protected and catered for. No harm shall come to you. No evil shall come near your dwelling. Happy New Month.
  • May this new month bring you more joy, gladness, laughter, and fun than ever before. Happy New Month to you, my dearest friend.
  • I wish you everything you’ve ever wished yourself, but most importantly, I wish you a wonderful month ahead of you. Happy New Month my dearest friend.
  • May this month and the next one be full of gladness, laughter, love, and pleasant surprises. Happy New Month my bloodline.
  • In this beautiful new month, I wish you happiness, and that you’ll stay happy throughout this month. Happy New Month my good friend.
  • Wish you the best awesome and interesting month ever! May this month be full of fun, adventures, and gladness. Happy New Month my beloved friend.
  • Today is a new day to right yesterday’s wrong. Today is another chance to start afresh and today is another avenue to be better than yesterday. Happy New Month to you, buddy.
  • It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day, and each week of this month count for good and success. Happy New Month to you.
  • Everything you lay your hands doing this month will be productive and successful. Happy New Month my sweetest friend.
  • In this new month, you will always have a reason to be grateful and happy. Happy New Month.
  • I just want to wish you a beautiful, amazing, and sweet month ahead of you. Happy New Month.
  • Starting from today, may you constantly experience God’s favour and mercy upon your life. Happy New Month to you.
  • This new month, God will replace your worries, failures, and anxieties away with joy, success, and peace of mind. Happy New Month, my precious friend.
  • May you soar higher above all failure and disappointment in this new month and beyond. Happy New Month.
  • I pray that you’ll experience joy unspeakable and an abundance of happiness this new month. Happy New Month.
  • May God’s hand perfect everything that needs to be perfected in your life and bring you everything that will make you smile this new month. Happy New Month to you.
  • Throughout this month, may you experience daily bliss, peace of mind and body, and prosperity. Happy New Month.
  • I pray that God will continuously do wonders in your life and your world this new month. Happy New Month to you, my friend.
  • May this month bring you boundless happiness and blessings daily. Happy new month, dearest friend.
  • This new month, my prayer for you is that God will remove every stumbling block on your way to success. Happy New Month lovely friend.
  • This new month, May God ceaselessly amaze you in every special way. Happy New Month!

Happy New Month Photos for December 2023.

New Month Message for December

New Month prayers for December

december happy new month messages


december new month prayers

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happy new month prayers for december

happy new month prayers for december

happy new month december messages

happy new month messages for december

happy new month wishes

happy new month quotes

New Month Prayers for Finance and Health.

♥. It’s a New Month! My fervent prayer for you is that this New Month covers you with the warmth of love and leads your path to a positive direction that will bring you happiness and contentment. Happy new month.

♥. As we welcome this new month, I pray that it reignites your strength, hopes, and courage, coupled with passion and zeal to achieve all your heart desires. Happy new month.

♥. As we enter this new month, may it empower you with the courage and zeal to conquer every mountain standing in your path towards success. You shall soar higher than the eagle.

♥. I pray for courage, the strength to speak your heart out with confidence, and the ability to listen to others as well as your inner voice. Happy new month.

♥. In this new month, your parents, friends, loved ones, and business colleagues will benefit from the blessings of the Lord upon your life. Best of this month to you!

♥. To destroy something old, one has to start something new, that is the reason why the previous month ended for this new month to begin. I wish you a joy-filled month. Godspeed in everything you do.

♥. This is your new month of greatness and I pray that the grace of the Lord is on you this new month. Happy New Month to you my friend!

♥. Every New Month avails us, the perfect opportunity to begin something new and fresh. Cheers to you for achieving every goal you’ve set this month. Happy new month.

♥. May God’s blessings for this month find and establish you, and his powerful hands shield you from the plans of the wicked ones. Happy new month.

♥. I pray that you start and end this new month in good health so that you will achieve all your goals this new month. A happy new month to you.

♥. Thanks to God almighty that even though you faced various obstacles, and hurdles this last month, thank God you overcame them, and this month will be your month of Celebration! Happy new month.

♥. This new month, be proud that you managed to overcome all obstacles of last month and cross the bridge to another New Month. Welcome to your month of overflowing blessings, favour, and joy.

♥. May this new month bring you a life filled with peace, glow, good health, and prosperity! Happy New Month!

♥. I pray that this new month provides you with a bucketload of new ideas and the ability to make them a reality. Happy Lovely New Month.

♥. This new month shall be an exceptional one for you, You’ll enjoy the peak of good health, an abundance of happiness and sunshine, bountiful luxury and prosperity, and Zen-like peace and calmness.

♥. May the peace and happiness of God surround you and bring success to you, and you shall be a blessing to everyone around you this New Month. Happy New Month.!

♥. In this new month, God will provide your heart desires that wash all your tears away, and bring genuine companions to stroll close to you, throughout the days of this new month. Happy New Month!

♥. May this New Month be brighter compared to all previous ones, and may you be enveloped in goodness and good health, bliss and talents. Wishing you a felicitous new month.

♥. My prayer is that this new month will bring us closers, and may we continue to share the genuine relationship that adds happiness and brings warm blessings to our lives. Happy new month my dear friend.

♦. In all your endeavours this new month, may the blessings of the Almighty sustain you, and through his grace, may you arise a champion in all you do this month. Happy New Month.

♦. I pray that God Almighty fill this month with adoration, happiness, and cheers, and you shall be a source of blessings to others too. Happy new month.

♦. Just like a new flower spreads fragrance around its environment, so will this new month fill your life with Happiness, Laughter, Joy, and Hope. A happy new month to you my dearest.

♦. Learn from your mistakes in the past months so that you can avoid them in this New Month. My wish for you this new month is for things to go your way and keep that awesome smile on your face all through the New Month.

♦. The old month is transpired and a dawn of a new month is upon us. May God’s blessing and favor locate you and prosper the works of your hands.

Final Conclusion.

Sending messages, either it’s a text message (SMS) or quotes to our loved ones can be a huge problem for those who think too much. If you have ever found yourself at the crossroad between choosing which sweet messages or wishes to forward to every special person in your life, then the above happy new month wishes got you covered.

Honestly, it’s a totally different thing to write a great new month’s message, but another ball game on choosing the best ones to send.

I hoped that these happy new month messages, wishes, pictures/images/photos, happy new month SMS, and greetings for every special person in your life, will be a blessing to the receiver.

Take note that these are the latest and current happy new Month of December 2023 messages, wishes, SMS, and Quotes you can ever find online.

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