Best Good Night Wishes and Status for Facebook & WhatsApp

Good Night wishes are generally seen as the best way to end a day all over the world, be it a stressful, stress-free, awesome, fun-filled day, and so on. No argument, the best and most awesome way of ending a day, is to receive a good night wish or goodnight message from a friend, significant others, family members, etc.

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In most parts of the world, good night wishes are taken seriously, because here’s what is believed that when you send or tell a person good night. It gives them a certain hope that their night will be full of good dreams, and most especially, wake up to see the next morning, which will mark a new beginning for a successful day.

Sending a good night’s wish either through SMS or social media messenger, still passes the same message that the receiver is in your thought, and most importantly, you’re wishing them a wonderful night rest. It will make her/him be full of optimism about the next day. This is to say that good Night wishes are very important to end a day.

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Good Night Wishes.

♠ The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s rest. Good night dear.

♠ May Angels surround you and sleep on your pillow this night. Good night.

♠ “Angels act as channels for God’s love to flow through“. May God’s love surround you this night.

♠ I’m going to the place where I’m often slender and rich! Yes! Dreamland here I come!

♠ Well! Good night everybody, I wish your tomorrow be a new BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR US ALL… May this night be blessed, and open a door for another amazing day.

♠ Time to rest! I can hear some strange voices calling on me, again. It might be my bed, you know. Good night!

♠ I’ve got an engagement to explore the rear of my eyes, and given a deadline to be back during the dawn of a new day. Good night!

best good night wishes

♠ Good night everyone! If you happen to be one of those that are fortunate to dream about me this night, congratulations! If you’re not of them, be not distressed… tomorrow is another day yet. Good night!

♠ Got an appointment with two fellows, Pillow and Duvet. We are very close pals, and I often feel better whenever I am with them. See you tomorrow!

♠ Good night to all my social media pals all over the world. I wish you all a wonderful night rest and bountiful blessings tomorrow.

♠ Good Night everybody! I pray the words of God dance in your ears and bring Joy to your hearts as you sleep tonight!

♠ Good night moon, good night stars, good night to you, wherever you are.

♠ Oh! How long I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since I woke up. Another moment to go back to sleep. Good night all!

Good Night Wishes

♠ Good night… sleep tight… be careful of the bed bugs bite!

♠ True friendship is the coming together of two or more disparity to make complete parity. Good Night!

♠ There will be no need for any selfie this night, not that it will be dark, but for the fact that it will be missing wonderful pals like you. Good night!

♠ The saddest, moody, and loneliest of night, changes into the most beautiful, happy, and lovely night each moment I think about everything we’ve been through together. Good night!

♠ You are always the last person on my mind before I sleep at night. I wish you a blissful night’s rest full of sweet dreams!

♠ First to sleep, first to awake, and first to come across wonderful fellows like me. Those are the very phrases I just discovered. Good night!

♠ The most luminous stars in my life are not global kinds of stuff, they are certainly friends like you that not only illuminates during the night but also through the day. Good night!

♠ I wish you could ponder on the lovely moments of today and save a smile for tomorrow! Good night!

Good Night Wishes for Lover.

good night wishes for lovers

♠ Hope you had a fruitful day? I pray you have an enjoyable night’s rest ahead. Good night my dearest!

♠ People come and go, but our love will continue to shine brighter and brighter. Good night!

♠ To you my love, I’m offering you a pillow of happy thoughts for sweet dreams, and a prayer to protect you always. Good Night to you all!

♠ May this wonderful night, take you on a ride of lovely dreams. I wish you a Good night!

♠ May the blackness of your hair unfold this evening and your twinkling eyes adds brightness to the moonlight. I wish to land in the paradise of your dreams and bade you Good Night.

♠ I’m sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to comfort you all night, and prayer to guard you until morning. Good night!

♠ Have faith in your dreams. Good night!

♠ If you look up, you will discover that we are both under one starry sky. Good night!

♠ Just checked to wish you Good night and sweet dreams.

♠ Be calm and have a Good night!

♠ I wish your eyelashes embrace each other for some hours. I wish you a joyous trip to the dreamland. Good night!

♠ Life is as easy as we make it. Always attempt to do the best thing that works for you. Good night!

♠ Always try to be grateful before you sleep. Your state of mind before you go to bed determines what you will dream of.

♠ I pray you dream of wonderful things and let them come to reality. Good night!

♠ MOON is a gift to decorate your dreams, STARS is to give them sweet melody, and My Texts to give you a pleasant and peaceful rest.

♠ You don’t have to reproach any day of your life. Pleasant days provide you with happiness, unpleasant days provide you with experience, both are important in life. Most of all, they are all God’s blessings, Good night!

♠ Do not allow your inner self to be contaminated with the darkness and negativity outside. Good night!

♠ Never allow your heart to be blackened by the difficulties you went through today. Tomorrow is a fresh day and will be better. Good night to you all!

♠ I see myself ruling the universe one day. Well! Till then, for now, am off to bed. Good night!

♠ There will come a time when you will only say Good night and no longer Goodbye.

♠ Never forget to make me a part of your dreams, and make that dream is very passionate. Take care and Good night!

♠ I’m in my bed, you’re in yours. But, I think one of us is in the wrong place. Good night!

♠ Never lose hope. Tomorrow is pregnant. Who knows what it will bear. Stay positive. Good night!

♠ Quit saving your dreams in your eyes, lest they will end up falling like tears. Rather, save them in your hearts, so that every heartbeat reminds you about it. Good night!

♠ Look at the stars, they are all there to wish you Good night!

♠ I wish I was there to wish you a Good night, rather than sending it as a text.

♠ If you sleep wonderfully, you will wake up to experience a wonderful morning. Good night!

Good Night Status.

Good night status is another way of sending a lovely message to your friends on social media, telling them that no matter the distance, you’re wishing them an amazing night’s rest. This is why, we have come up with some of the very best Good Night statuses for your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

These Good night status will certainly aid in putting a smile on someone’s face, and at the same time, give them hope for sweet dreams, and to wake up to another awesome day.

Below is the list of the very best Good Night Quotes for you to pick for your Status updates, and they are of different categories;

beautiful good night status

♦ Because God lives, there’s still hope. He holds the key to what tomorrow brings. Good night.

♦ To you my heart, you can now be at rest, because, I want to have a sound rest too. Good night.

♦ Violets are blue, so it’s time for me to sleep.

♦ Don’t forget to remember me as you sleep, for it will make me feature in your dreams this night. Good night and Sweet dreams.

♦ Good Night world, tomorrow is a new day.

♦ The dreamland is waiting to receive me immediately I close my eyes. Have a lovely night’s rest.

♦ There will certainly be a time when there will no more be Goodbyes, but Good night.

♦ There’s no way I could compare my phone with my sleep…they are all the same. Good night.

♦ I believe in no distant time, I will be the king of this planet. But for now, I think I really need some sleep. Good night.

♦ I long for a fresh day, I’m already so tired of today. Wish you all a good night rest.

♦ The night is here, and the entire country has gone to bed. My turn. Good night world.

♦ I think my pillow needs my company right away. Good night peeps!

♦ The name is mouthing my name already. My blanket is warm and waiting for me seriously. Good night my dearest social media pals. Chat you up tomorrow!

♦ Let us always make ourselves happy. Let us always wish ourselves good night. Good night Friends!

♦ Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

♦ The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours more. Good night!

♦ How can I sleep well when I’m still thinking about the food which is freezing in the fridge? Good night!

♦ I think my bed is starting to get frustrated at me, for staying out for too long. Permit me to attend to it. Good night lovelies!

♦ The only real Good night wish comes from me, as the only legitimate dealer of Good night wishes. So, for you to sleep nice tonight, avoid any other one, as they are all fake and copyrights. Wish you sweet dreams, dearies!

♦ I attempted numbering sheep to see if I could fall asleep, instead it made me bored, that I had to start up a conversation with the sheepherder. For you who could easily sleep, enjoy your night!

♦ Time up! Proceed to the restroom and tidy up. Then get to bed. Meanwhile, have a lovely night!

♦ When you dream big dreams, expect your night to be longer than your day. Although, the day lasts longer when you realize those dreams. Nevertheless, I wish you all a wonderful night’s rest!

♦ Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight but don’t make it a habit, because I’m not free every night, Good Night!

♦ Dear Sleep! I know we had problems when I was younger, but now I love you.

♦ Did you hear about the girl who was so keen on road safety that she always wore white at night? Last winter, she was knocked down by a snowplow! Goodnight!

♦ Every day, I appreciate God for the beautiful gift of life that he has offered me. To see today and now go to bed again.

♦ Good night to you all, chat with you tomorrow!

♦ Be quiet and snore as you sleep. Good night!

♦ Silent night, holy night. All is dark and beautiful. Good night friends!

♦ All hope is not lost. Tomorrow provides another opportunity for us all to try again. Meanwhile, I’m off to bed. Good night!

♦ Farewell O yea sun! Welcome, O yea moon! I plead with you to tarry with me tonight.

♦ I don’t care if I’m been hated. All I’m interested in, right now, is to go marry my bed tonight. Good night peeps!

♦ My time is too preoccupied with love that I don’t seem to notice your hatred for me. Meanwhile, Good night!

♦ I won’t claim to be a prince, but I’m certainly looking for a girl who will make me one by being my princess. Good night friends!

♦ This one goes to my friends and family: Good Night and Sweet Dream. If you’re not one of them, then you might end up with a Bad Night and Nightmares.

♦ It’s either my bed is calling my name or I’m hearing those voices again. Sorry, I have to go. See you tomorrow!

♦ Good night all! If you’re very fortunate to dream about me tonight, then, congratulations. If not…don’t lose hope, tomorrow is another day.

♦ Time to meet two old pals of mine, Pillow, and Duvet. They are used to me and always make me feel at home. Good night for now!

♦ God created the night as a period for us to rest after a stressful day. What a valuable gift that is. Sorry, I don’t joke with mine. Got to go…Good night!

♦ Let me use this opportunity to wish my very unique friend a good night and a blissful night’s rest. Sweet dreams!

♦ I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I got up… Good night!

♦ I think my pillow needs some head…and my mattress needs some ass…so I think I need my bed right now…Good Night and sweet dreams!

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Her.

good night wishes for my love

♥ I dream about you every day and night. You make love a beautiful thing for me. Good night baby, sweet dreams!

♥ I will be dreaming of you tonight baby. Good night!

♥ I wish I could wake up tomorrow to see myself in your sweet loving arms. Good night my love. Sleep tight!

♥ I wish I were there with you, rather than wishing you a loving Goodnight!

♥ The thought of you marks the endpoint of my nightmares and the beginning of my beautiful dreams.

♥ The night cannot be for eternity, yet our feelings are. Good night to the queen of my heart.

♥ I’m planning to go to bed in time, so I could spend enough time with you in my dreams before waking up. Good night my ♥!

♥ The dusk single-handedly strolled through the sky carrying the moon. In that case, I’m off to bed.

♥ Despite the distance, I will never cease to think about you. Although, my happiest moment in life are those moments we share. Come back soon. Good night love!

♥ The angel of God asked me what I wanted for the night. And I told him to bless everyone around me, including you!

♥ I wish to age with you, die with you, buried with you. Because without you, my life had no meaning. Sweet dreams, honey!

♥ I wish to look into your eyes before I sleep, so I know my dreams will be beautiful as your eyes, Good night dear!

♥ I prepared a lovely Good night wish just for you, praying to God to protect you tonight. I wish you success in your endeavors. Good night my love!

♥ May God spread his arms of warmth all over you, and give you the succor no man can offer. Good night my sweetheart. God will guide you!

♥ Today was wonderful and fun-filled for me because of you. Tonight is so unique, also because of you. I wish you a wonderful night’s rest. Sweet dreams!

♥ That’s why it is good to be good and not evil. The good people sleep good, while the evil people are always terrified and sober, both during the day and the night. Sweet dreams my dear!

♥ It’s obvious that you alone can keep me awake at night. I wish to hug you tight and romantically. I think we are perfect for each other. Sleep well, my love!

♥ Nothing can stop me from loving you. I cherish you as I cherish the air I breathe. I can’t imagine what will happen if the air suddenly ceases. Good night to you!

♥ As the days slowly wanes to give way for the night, pour out your distressed heart to God, for he never ceases to care for us. I wish you a lovely night’s rest, my love.

♥ Don’t forget to dream of me by the time you shut your eyes. Good night!

♥ Good night my one and only love! I hope you rest well…

♥ I see you as my pillow. So essential, homely, and soft. Good night!

♥ Just the thought of having you by my side the next day made my today a success. Have a blissful night sweetheart!

♥ I shall tour all over my paradise with you in my dreams. But for now, sleep tight!

♥ You are the angel I see in my dreams. Good night and sleep tight!

♥ To sleep can sometimes be beautiful, at least you can forget about everything and make her yours all night. Have a lovely night rest!

Good Night Wishes for Him.

best good night wishes for him

  • Know what am thinking now? If only I could be by your side and kiss you Good night.
  • Please, permit me to be your mattress. I want us to sleep as one this night…
  • I know I have busy days, but I promise not to let a day go by without saying Good night!
  • There are no guarantees in life except one – your kisses always give me the sweetest dreams. Good night!
  • Having you in my life makes me realize how miserable my life was without you. Good night, my sweetheart!
  • Good night to you my sweetheart, my best wishes to your loved ones…
  • From the deepest part of my heart, I wish you a very lovely night. Sweet dreams my love!
  • I need you right now to save me from freezing on this cold night with your hug to keep me warm.
  • Let this amazing night, take you on a ride of beautiful dreams, Wish you a Good Night.
  • Let the darkness of your hair unfold this evening and your sparkling eyes adds glow to the moonlight. Let me land in the palace of your dreams and bade you Good Night.
  • Please, my love, don’t turn your back on me, I need to be with you tonight on my bed.
  • Thinking about you mode activated! Missing you in progress! If you are awake reply to deactivate thinking mode. Good night!
  • You are certainly the reason why the moon and stars show up every night. I wish you the loveliest of nights and the sweetest of dreams!
  • The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much. Good night my love!
  • Good night, my sweetheart! I wish you can always be with me in my dreams. Because you make them beautiful for me!
  • I wish we can be together and forever. Good night dear!
  • I wish you can spend the night with me. Your presence will give me the sweetest of sleep, beautify my dreams. Good night sweetie!
  • I can trust no other human in this world except, you.
  • Spread your wings and fly like the birds in the air. Good night!
  • My love, I really long for you right now. I miss you so much. Remember me in your dreams.
  • Nothing on this planet is capable of making me leave you. Good night love!
  • Any time you hug me, I feel peace. Any time you cuddle me, I cease to be distressed. Any time you kiss me, my body seems to free up. Good night!
  • It might sound weird, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for only the two of us. Good Night my dearest!
  • Can you feel me when you wrap your blanket around you? Can you see me when you close your eyes? Because I can. Goodnight dear!
  • I’m so in love with you that I don’t know when my nights end and when my days begin anymore. Good night!
  • I want to always be in your thoughts and heart like you are always in mine. Good Night, my love.
  • I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye, I wanted to kiss you goodnight.

Good Night Prayer.

good night prayers

1. My prayer for you is for God to be with you today. I pray He protects you when you sleep and all your endeavors. Good night.

2. Pray always, never relent, and see all your heart desires granted. Good night to you all.

3. Live within your dreams and dream within your will. Your dream is your will and your will is your dream. Good night.

4. I pray that God will spread his arms of warmth around you and provide you with the support that any other being cannot provide. Good night dear. God be with you.

5. May the joy of the Lord be your heart and your dreams be filled with beautiful things. Good night.

6. You should learn to be grateful to God for the wonderful friends He gave you. Endeavor to always say thank you. Good night.

7. I pray the mosquitoes forgets the route to your bedside tonight. Good night and enjoy your sleep. Oh. Did I wish you sweet dreams?

8. Do not lose hope yet. Though the enemies operate in the night but fear not, God’s angels are on guard all over you. Sleep tight.

9. God is awesome, his mercies endure forever. Good night my lovely people.

10. Be appreciative of anything you are offered. Because it creates room for bountiful ones. Have a good night.

11. Cast your burdens to the Lord for He cares for you. He will relieve your burden and make it lighter. Prosperity will be yours.

12. Sleep peacefully tonight, for tomorrow is the beginning of new good things to come… Good night all.

13. I pray that God will lead you on a successful adventure tonight and bring you back successfully to witness a new paradise on earth tomorrow… I wish you the best night you can ever have.

14. Even when I am not there, God is always there. He will protect you as always. Good night.

15. My heart was overjoyed when I realized that He will continue to be with us and guide all our footsteps. Good night wonderful people.

16. Anyways, good night to you everyone, I believe tomorrow is a fresh bright day for us all. I pray it will be blessed and successful for us… meanwhile. Good night to you all.

17. I pray that your night will be peaceful… Good night.

18. May your dreams be filled with beautiful things and lovely moments…Sleep well dear.

19. I pray that this night, you will have perfect dreams, and God will perfect the dreams in your life… Good night.

20. May the darkness of this night turn around to be a burst of sunshine to your morning, brightness to your heart, and a relief to your burdens. Good night everybody.

21. As the night comes to an end, so shall your sorrows come to an end… Good night.

22. I pray for God’s protection upon you and your family this night, as you wake up to a new day full of success. Good night.

23. I offer you a lovely Good night status just for you, that God should please guide you through the night. I pray for prosperity in your life and in all your endeavors. Good night dear.

24. I pray your night to be as splendid as you are. Good night.

25. God, you made the day and night. You also made us. Therefore, you are in authority. Do the rest. Good night dearies.

26. I pray God should give you a sound sleep that will make you forget your sorrows of today… sleep tight.

27. I beg God for just one thing this night: To wake up in the morning and see you beside me. Have a nice sleep.

28. Sorrows may linger for the night…the morning brings joy. I pray to God for my joy to start tonight. Sweet dreams dearies.

29. I pray that as the morning comes, a new chapter of success will open in your life. Can I hear an AMEN?

Good Night Wishes Images/Photos.

good night status

As the Night gets dark, let your worries fade. Sleep peacefully, knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.

best good night status

Tomorrow, you are going to have a great day. Just make sure your body is prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Sleep well.

sweet good night wishes

  • As day turns to night, keep your worries out of sight, no matter how tough the world seems, you still deserve the sweetest dream… Good Night.

cute good night wish image for her

  • The sweetest girl in the world is lying in the bed and reading this message, I hope that it will make you smile. Good Night.

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Her

  • Good night, I hope tomorrow will be less stressful and more productive for you.

cute goodnight message

  • You are everything to me. You make me feel alive and whole. I love you so much, Sweetheart.

cute goodnight messages

  • Night is longer than day for those who DREAM and day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS come true.

best goodnight message

  • I just hate the night, for it takes away my freedom to be with my girl. But, I know that morning will be here soon, And, I could meet you then, Wish you a lovely night my dear.

Night Is The Time To Dream quote image

Night is the time to dream, to smile, and to sleep. Time to recall thoughts so profound and deep. Good Night.

good night wishes for love

  • Thousands of miles I have walked with you, there are still miles to go. I will always be there with you by your side my love. Missing you my Love. Good night.

good night wishes for lover

  • I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes. So I’ll think about you as I turn in for the night. Good Night!

good night wishes for lovers

I Miss you love. I want to be there to hold you tightly rather than sending this loving message.

good night wishes for my love

Awesome moments of our life that when we love someone, then we want only to see him/her in our dreams. Good night friends.

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