Food Instagram Hashtags – Healthy Food Hashtags

I think this should only be the Food Instagram hashtags you need, because it contains comprehensive details about each of these Healthy food hashtags, including how you should be using it.

I know it is 100%, not my business and out of place for me to ask why you’re reading about this topic “Food Instagram Hashtags – Healthy Food Hashtags”,😀 but well, check out the person writing it. Today on Instagram hashtags, I want us to discuss and talk about Instagram food hashtags and captions.

I want to provide you a complete guide and walk you through everything you need to know about the most popular food hashtags which are being used on Instagram.

Instagram food hashtags performance

Best Trending Food Hashtags to Copy.


If you love Food and have been following a couple of Instagram food accounts, you will know that the hashtag #eeeeeats is taking over.

food instagram hashtags

Those who are using this popular hashtag are looking to grow their accounts and it also helps tremendously to widen the reach of their food pics.

You should know that the Instagram users who tagged their food pics with this Hashtag want you to see it and if you’re following this #topic, then it certainly will come into your timeline.

This Food hashtag #eeeeeats does not necessarily mean that the food is a delicious homemade triumph, but rather, they’re pics of an outrageous dish you’ve seen a million times on your feed. However, it does not mean that you won’t want to eat it any less though.

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This is another popular hashtag for food on Instagram. Using this hashtag does not mean you are a photographer or are you really a food photographer? When I say a food photographer, I necessary don’t mean whether you are someone who usually takes a photograph of your food at some point. What I mean is if you’re doing it for a living, do you really take pictures of gorgeous edible things?

The answer is either yes or no, even if your answer is yes or no, you’re still welcome to use this Hashtag because there is no Hashtag Police on the gram yet!😀.

This hashtag covers a variety of the world’s most incredible food shots you’ve ever seen, however, some are less pretty than others, but who cares?. We’re here to see amazing #Foodphotography.

This hashtag has been used more than 30,200,000 times on the gram.


best food instagram hashtags

You certainly must have heard of this one… It’s even used in TV shows and movies. #FoodPorn is one of the ‘gram most popular Food hashtags because of the latter word.

Most people argue that this is the Internet’s most insatiable hashtag. When you go through this hashtag, you’re bound to see hundreds of thousands of Food photos that will virtually make your mouth water. #Foodporn is full of some of the most Gluttony pictures online.

But using this Hashtag the proper internet way, you need to follow its rules. Before your food photo will be certified #foodporn, it has to almost disgusting. But in a sexy way that makes one want to eat it right there. Foods like chocolate-soaked breakfast pastries that poop out cream and sprinkles, these are the type of food that makes it worthy of this hash-tag.


This is another word with #Food and yeah, the other added acronym that makes it more catchy and easy to remember.😉

For those who are a bit wondering what the difference between this and the insanely famous hashtag used above, I’ll explain it.

When it comes to #Foodgasm, the rules are that your Food pics have to move a little, like a GIF or something, rather than just uploading a static pic. Using a hashtag properly means you know the rules and you’re keeping it that way.

A good example of #Foodgasm is a Cheese Pull, a Cake slice, a soft-serve swirl, or anything food that moves, Video is also okay. A legitimate #foodgasm makes you watch the GIF or video more than once and you go smacking/licking your lips in a good sort of way.

This tag has been used in more than 41,000,000 photos.


This one does not need any introduction or explanation. When you decide to use the hashtag “#foodie”, it makes you 100 percent more likely to call yourself one in real life.

So far, the #Foodie tag has been used in more than 108,000,000 Instagram food photos.


This hashtag sounds similar to those above but is spelled correctly. This hashtag is created to get your attention and keep it there. If your intention is any of the following listed below, then you’re getting to the core of this hashtag’s audience.

1. If you have made something really awesome and want to show the world your different but awesome skills,
2. If you out there in the world going after perfect food pictures for the sole sake of updating Food lovers on Instagram.

So far, this tag has been used in more than 6,000,000 pictures uploaded on this picture sharing websites.


This Instagram hashtag has been used for a recorded 310,000 times on this photo sharing site. I don’t think there is any need to explain this as it is more self-explanatory.


#Delicious or #Delish is another Instagram food hashtag that is very popular and goes hand-hand with each other.

The word “Delish” or “Delicious” has so far more than being tagged in more than 18,000,000 times as at the time of writing this post.


instagram food hashtags

This is also self-explanatory because the meaning is in its name. This hashtag #EatingForTheInsta has been used more than 4 Million times and it’s growing more popular every day.

When you check out the photos tagged with this word, you’ll see Millions of yummy-looking nonsense. There’s also a lot of food which will be trashed as soon as The Shot has been taken and it’s deemed the perfect shot.

Although you are in the business of growing our Instagram pages and using these Food hashtags to boost your reach and followings, I think it’s not recommendable to waste food like this.


The name sounds amazing, right? Well, the photos which are tagged with this Hashtag shows you annoyingly healthy people consistently doing meal prep, beautiful looking smoothies that are very tempting and yummy.

Other Popular Food Hashtags.

These are real hashtags that you can use for reaching higher audiences and boosting your Food photos.

  • #Nom,
  • #InstaGood,
  • #InstaFood,
  • #Food (yup),
  • #IGEats,
  • #Foodstagram,
  • #ChefMode,
  • #FoodSpotting.

Finally, I want to say you really can use any Hashtag you think is appropriate for the food you want to share, really, there is no one holding you back from using any Food Instagram, Hashtag of your choice.

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