80+ Fear Of The Unknown Quotes

fear of the unknown quotes

What is fear of the Unknown? It simply means being afraid of a future anticipated outcome that isn’t a reality yet. Truth is that as humans, we all have fears, some hidden deep inside our hearts, while others showcased as an instinct. Here are over 103+ fear of the unknown quotes from powerful, respected, and … Read more

Sophia Loren Quotes

Sophia Loren Quotes

Sophia Loren may not be as popular as Marilyn Monroe, but she is as beautiful, insightful and elegant. Here are some of Sophia Loren quotes on accepting who you are, discovering your inner beauty, and building confidence. Sophia Loren is a distinguished and highly respected Italian actress and one of the last surviving stars from … Read more

Maya Angelou Inspirational Quotes To Inspire You

maya angelou inspirational quotes

Here are Maya Angelou inspirational quotes on various aspect of life, we wrote on 20 Powerful Maya Angelou Love Quotes, and I’ll recommend you check it out. Maya Angelou inspired millions of young women around the world, especially Black young women in the 20th century. In her memoir, she wrote extensively and honestly about her … Read more

20 Powerful Maya Angelou Love Quotes

maya angelou love quotes

There are lots of Maya Angelou love quotes, actually, Maya Angelou has hundreds of beautiful quotes, but we decided to handpick the twenty (20) most powerful Love quotes from the activist and writer. Maya Angelou was a brilliant and amazing woman who touched millions of lives, challenged the medieval status quo, and was very much … Read more