Dreaming of an Old House – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

You’ve also dreamt of your old house too, right? I think this is that dream almost everyone has in one stage of their life. What is the biblical meaning when someone dream of an old house?

Does it foretell good tidings, and positive news when Dreaming of an Old House? What is the spiritual meaning of a house in a dream? There are so many questions around this topic that I’ll be taking my time, drawing numerous results from respectable experts in this field, spiritual fathers’ conclusions, etc.

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For the most part, seeing your old house in your dreams can be interpreted as a sign of how you are currently feeling in your life.

I know for sure that by having the correct interpretation and actions, you can use them to better yourself and understand the message you’re receiving through dreams.

Dreaming of an Old House

What Does Dreaming of an Old House Mean?

In this dream, you may have…

  • See an old house.
  • Walk inside an old house.
  • Build on or paint an old house.
  • Buy an old house.
  • See an old house on fire.
  • See plants or grass growing in an old house.
  • Walk past an old house.
  • Think about an old house.
  • Get lost in an old house.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The inside of an old house is white.
  • Painting an old house green, blue, or gold.
  • Grass growing inside an old house.
  • Building onto an old house.

1. Holding Onto Some Feelings (Seeing Your Old House)

One of the reasons why you kept dreaming about your old house, is either you’re past was good, or the memories you made in your old house is powerful to keep coming back.

2. Something Bothering You (Seeing Your Old House in a Bad Shape)

There’s another meaning to seeing your old house in your dream. if you see your old house and it seems to be in a bad shape, it can mean that you are not very happy with your life or accomplished your goals yet. Perhaps, you promised yourself while in your old house, that you’ll do better in the future (which is now), and yet, you’ve not progressed to that level you want to be.

This could be because you are too afraid to take action. You worry too much about the results, outcome, etc.

You should know that the only way to improve your life and be happy is by taking action, and you can never know what the future holds, just do it. Determine what you want in your life and then chase it with full honesty and hard work. Only by taking action will things start falling in place for you.

3. Address Your Health (Seeing an Abandoned Old House)

Dreaming about your old house could signify that your health hasn’t been 100% within the period you dream of your old house.

If you see that your old house is abandoned, another message it’s trying to pass you is that you are not eating healthy lately. This can lead up to some health issues in the future.

Superstitous? But if you’re experiencing any health issue lately, I’ll recommend you get yourself checked and eliminate any health problems right in their tracks only. Dreaming of your old house could foretell a health challenge, so start taking the necessary actions now to stop it.

First, start eating healthy and exercise more.

4. Probability of Connecting with Someone Soon (Living in Your old house)

The fourth meaning to seeing your old house in your dreams is that you are very much likely to meet someone from your past soon.

When you dream of seeing yourself living in your old house, it’s a sign that you will meet someone you hold dear to your heart, or a person who is very important to you. Probably lost connection with, or someone you have NOT seen in a long time.

This is because you last met that person in your old house, and since you’ll be meeting again, the memories came rushing out through dreams.

5. You’re MOVING ON. (Selling old House in Dream)

When you dream of selling your old house in the dream. This signifies that you’re moving on. Do you want to sell your old house?

Selling your old house in your dream can be viewed as a good sign. What this dream mean is that you’re letting go of the past go and moving on with your life.

This particular dream mostly occur to people who find it difficult letting go of things, people who find it difficult breaking out of relationships, moving forward, etc.

However, one can’t deny the fact that leaving the memories of the past behind and moving on is not always easy. It takes a lot of courage and willpower not to get bothered by the past.

So if you dreamt of selling your old house, its a good sign.

6. Seeing Yourself as a Child in Your Old House.

Another occurrence that is common when people dream of their old house, is seeing themselves as a child. Seeing yourself as a child in your old house means you need to check people around you, and if you’re about to do, or currently doing any business transaction, be careful.

Seeing yourself as a child in your old house could mean that someone is taking advantage of you.

The advantage can be anything ranging from financial, relationship, business, material, etc. What you need to do is evaluate the people around you, and try staying away from selfish people in your life.

Seeing yourself as a child in your dream is a warning that you should start taking care of your feelings, otherwise, your feelings will always get hurt.

7. Dreaming of Your Old House with People Living in it.

Did you dream about your old house and saw that there are new occupants living in it? if yes, then it’s TIME TO LET GO AND MOVE ON.

When you dream of seeing new people living in your old house, it’s a wake-up call to LETTING GO of anything currently hurting you, your fears, disturbing your peace of mind.

It can be a sign that you should let the things go that are troubling you.

The message your subconscious self is trying to tell you through this dream is this: Anything making you unhappy or you’re probably thinking of things that brought you bad experiences, it’s time to Let it go.

Nothing is more significant than your mental peace; you should always prioritise it.

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Spoon Dream Symbolism Potential Meaning or Interpretation
1. Seeing your Old House (In General) It can possibly mean that you are holding onto some feelings and memories from the past.
2. Seeing Your Old House in a Bad Shape It can possibly mean that you are not very happy with the current situation in your life.
3. Seeing an Abandoned Old House It could possibly indicate some health problems.
4. Living in Your Old House You can expect someone from the past whom you haven’t met in a long time.
5. Selling Your Old House It can mean that you are finally letting the things of the past go which will make you a little happy.
6. Seeing Yourself as a Child in Your Old House It could symbolize your desire to change the way you live right now.
7. Seeing Occupants in Your Old House It may indicate to let go of the things that are hurting you mentally and spiritually.

Final Verdict.

What you need to know is this: Seeing your old house in a dream is important and you should try remembering all the details. Your old house is something important to you because it mostly has strong memories from the past, either good memories or bad ones.

However, no matter how painful or beautiful the past is, seeing your old house is usually a sign that you need to move on, trust yourself more, and take decisions that will bring out the better you.

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