65+ Love Poems for Her – Classic Deep Love Poems for Her That Will Make Her Cry

Here are over 65 Deep Love Poems for Her that will make her cry, and tell her just how much you love and value her as a friend and lover.

A poem is a form of art. It is written with carefully-chosen words that fit together as a strong instrument to share your innermost feelings. One of the best ways to steal the heart of your partner is via love poems. Writing poems is one of the most romantic gestures a man can use to woo her lady.

Even though some will not tell openly tell you, women enjoy being given properly thought-out, romantic, and beautiful love poems. It will certainly make them love and appreciate you more than ever. If you can’t develop a very romantic love poem for your lady, we have put together some of the very best you can choose from in this article.

Deep Love Poems for Her that will Make Her Cry.

deep love poems for her that will make her cry

  • ♥. I’m still wondering how you are real
    I have never dreamt of somebody that looks like you.
    I won’t stop pinching myself,
    Because I’m still stunned that you are true.
  • ♥. My mind is filled with your thought, in my sleep, in my dreams,
    my mind is filled with your thought, every night every day,
    Praying and hoping you’re okay,
    my mind is filled with your thought, wishing that you had me in mind too, every minute, every second of the day,
    I can’t stop thinking about you,
    I truly do, all because…. I love you.
  • I don’t initially know you
    I took you as another friend
    yet once I finally know you
    I couldn’t help but allow my heart to unbend
    I couldn’t help old memories
    That would only cause me to cry
    I couldn’t help but forget my first love
    And give it another try
    Therefore, I can’t help but fall in love with you
    And I don’t think I will ever allow you to go
    I love you more than anyone
    I just think you must know
    My love for you will never change
    Just remember that my feelings for you are true
    Just remember this one thing
    I will forever love you.
  • Defeated by love – A love poem by Rumi.
    The sky was ignited
    by the lustre of the moon
    Very strong
    I hit the ground
    Your love
    has caused me to be sure
    I am prepared to overlook
    this earthly life
    and appreciate
    the awesomeness
    of your personality.
  • ♥. She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron.
    She walks in Beauty, just as the night
    Of unclouded climes and starry skies;
    And everything great dark and bright
    meet in her aspect and her eyes.
  • Your beauty is boundless, your looks are limitless,
    The only woman in this world I can commit to is you.
    Whenever I stare at you, I can’t help but feel surprised at how you suddenly became mine.
    You leave me breathless sweetheart.
    Because of you, I’ll walk the line.
  • My angel, my life, my whole world, please stay with me forever, you are the only girl I have.
    I love you very much, that I am so sure of, for I have no one else, for my heart beats only for you.
    No matter the situation, you’ll forever be the one, to which I wish to return home, for I see myself as the Earth to your sun.
  • I have a dream of a woman clothed in white.
    She has wings that glitter with golden light.
    She has fine hair with the resemblance of an olden wife.
    Her eyes bear a vision of the road of life.
    She whispers love via the winds.
    Then rivers of love flow to my heart and my spirit ascends.
    I develop hugs by heavenly heights.
    Then emit rays of warmth and light.
    I can only be patient with her touch of the purest.
    I fall to her capture of love, of spirit!
    We become united in love because that’s what our Heart wants.
    In love, heaven welcomes us both forever.
    As double doves, we sing and dance.
    Love of a queen and king.
    Love will always last.
  • I promise to stand firm and fight for our love;
    We’ll soar higher together, soar higher than the dove.
    I promise to be your fence and protect you from danger;
    I’ll receive all the pains, for to me they are no longer stranger.
    I’ll make you the queen of the kingdom of my heart;
    And then I’ll crown myself king, hence we’ll never be apart.
    I will make you my majesty— I will worship you forever;
    And for all ages, I promise to leave you never.
  • How much is my love?
    It is not the first time you’ve asked,
    It’s deeper than the bottom of the ocean,
    very far away from the bank.
    How strong is my love?
    You keep asking me,
    Stronger than diamonds,
    I pledge to thee.
    How much brightness does our flame burn?
    You may want to know,
    As the core of the sun,
    And it will continue to grow.
    How beautiful am I?
    You always request,
    It is a very straightforward one,
    You are better than all the rest.
    Will I stay with you forever?
    You replied with keen eyes,
    You are my comet and I am your tail,
    Forever chasing, for I do not otherwise.

Romantic Love Poems for Her.

  • Like nectar occupies the flower,
    providing nourishment to the bee,
    I desire to be by your side every hour,
    to show your feelings for me.
  • Before you entered my world,
    everything was filled with darkness and gloom.
    My world was lacking clouds and the sun,
    and others like the stars and the moon.
    I had no faith in magic,
    but you showed up out of thin air.
    I hoped I would be lonely in life,
    but now I’ve become a complete pair.
    Because of you, I am who I am at this point,
    shape me in every way.
    There’s never a wonderful moment,
    where I do not desire to give you my whole day.
    The affection we have for each other is strong
    and fierce to whoever sees it.
    The passion that we have for us.
    Me for you and you for me.
  • I’ll cultivate a line of daisy seeds,
    In the space underneath each eye,
    that you will be reminded of your beauty,
    each time they produce flowers you cry.


Riding Mountains By Julie Hebert.

My feelings can move mountains,
with lots of ups and downs, and feelings soar.
Yet, there’s just one thing that never changes,
My love for you, I cannot overlook. Days come by when I feel this is extreme,
And I become confused about what to do.
But to be honest, who are we kidding,
I desire nothing else but you!

I Always Will By Joanna Fuchs.

I had loved you a long time ago,
And the affections are there still;
I cherish you now,
And I forever will

  • You entered my life as a star
    And blessed my heart with an overflow of joy
    You bear my pain like it was yours
    And showed me the kind of love that nobody could.
    You extended your shoulder to me so that I can cry on
    You showed up as my pillar anytime I was falling
    You remain my strength each time I felt low
    With your smile, you made my living on earth worthwhile.
  • A smile is a very amazing thing, especially on your face;
    concealing every sorrow or easily taking their place.
    Kind words mean everything, especially when spoken by you,
    it gives comfort to my sorrowful heart or anytime I feel blue.
    A song is capable of making our hearts dance in fast-paced clips
    each moment we listen to the melody of our love’s undefeated grips.
    Words could lift my spirits and sweet compassion find;
    put your hand in mine alone and peace will overflow my mind.
    A smile, a word, a song, a look – look like small little things
    but each time love ignites an action, uncountable blessings it brings.
  • I fall in love with your lips each time they’re wet with wine
    And red with an undomesticated desire;
    I fall in love with your eyes each time the Lovelight lies
    Ignited with a passionate fire.
    I fall in love with your arms each time the warm white flesh
    comes in contact with mine in an affectionate embrace;
    I fall in love with your hair each time the strands enmesh
    Your kisses on my face.
  • I cherish my eyes
    Whenever you gaze into them.
    I cherish my name
    Whenever you mention it
    And I cherish my heart
    Whenever you love it.
    I cherish my life,
    Because you are a part of it.
  • You are the light that brightened my soul
    You are the reason I am made whole
    I have harboured feelings for you before
    And it will continue to be more and more,
    You are for me, my dear
    You are the angel from above
    Who showed me what it means to love.
    Please, always keep me near.

Sweet Love Poems for Her.

  • Your lips are very soft and red,
    I can’t get the thought of kissing you off my head.
    Your beauty is very overwhelming and warm,
    illuminating through the darkest storm.
    Your eyes flash like stars in the dark sky.
    Whenever I look at them I see myself flying high.
    My feelings for you are genuine.
    I can never stop thinking of you.
    The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound,
    since I’m certain my one and only I’ve found.
    I’ll continue to love you always and forever,
    and even when every other thing falls apart, I will never.
    I will be your shield to guard you against harm,
    as you are to me, a Good luck charm.
    For you are my heart, my soul.
    Sweetheart, you are my whole world.
  • Whenever I make a wish on a star
    I do not need to look so far
    ’cause dwelling just by my side
    shining bright and real
    is the cutest star I had ever known,
    Its real stars are fizzy,
    in a bid to twinkle and fade
    yet my small star forever was made
    I’m aware of your flaws,
    You’re certainly aware of mine
    yet as stars in the sky
    our feelings will light up the night!
  • Daydreaming, bearing a smile on my face
    Peacefully lost, in the sunniest hues
    Carelessly joyful, oblivious to worries
    Is what I always am, because I’ve met you
    Very surreal, all has turned
    Life feels, so good to be real
    My heart acknowledges that it is only the start
    Of many things to anticipate.
  • Brighter than the stars
    More amazing than the sun
    More beautiful than the moon
    My love, you are the right one
    More fantastic than the dawn
    More stunning than twilight
    Sexier than the colours of dusk,
    My love, you’re an attractive sight.
  • Supposing I was a bird,
    a robin or a jay,
    I’d soar to your home,
    and serenade you all through the day.
  • My heart whispers, via reminiscing of years past
    and the kiss of your seemingly honey lips in the future.
    Your essence stampedes like a wild horse
    galloping to look for a fresh spring of water on a scorching summer day.
    Your feelings triumph due to your determination and purpose in life.
    And for the fact that you encompass my love day by day
  • Yesterday night was the greatest night of my life.
    I’m anxious for us to be married and live as husband and wife.
    So that there won’t be any need of making love in sin.
    We could allow our feelings to flow within.
    I cherish the savour of your gentle romantic kiss,
    And surely I don’t wish to ever miss,
    How you wrap me in your arms, oh, very tight,
    You cause everything to feel just right.
    I’m so glad to have you.
    The love I have for you is very true.
    So at the moment, I will allow the thought to go,
    Cause I only wanted you to know
    That my love for you is overwhelming my sweetheart
    I pray nothing can make us be apart.
  • I cherish you from head to toe
    And is so much that you’ll hardly ever know.
    Nothing pains me more than seeing you sad,
    And causes me to be sad whenever you’re mad.
    Although it’s true we quarrel now and then,
    Yet, I want you to know that my love for you knows no end.
    One thing am sure of is that you are the one for me,
    And the only one there will ever be.
    It’s you I wish to spend my life with,
    To take you as my wife and mother of my kid.
    Never will you hear the words goodbye,
    And my feelings for you will continue till the day I die.
    If I should leave this world before you,
    You’ll certainly see me at the gates of heaven waiting for you.
  • I promise to love you,
    Not beginning with
    Your skin or
    Your organs or
    Your bones:
    I will love insanely first,
    Your bare soul.
  • Anything you say,
    it takes my breath away,
    Whenever you stare at me this way,
    It takes my breath away,
    Whenever you cuddle me and stay,
    it takes my breath away,
    Whenever you confess your love for me this way,
    It truly perfects my day!

True Love Poems for Her.

  • Without you, I won’t be complete,
    I have never missed someone so,
    my hands extend to wrap you tight,
    and I’ll never let you go.
    Your face, lips, soul, and heart,
    please assure me we’ll never again be apart.
    For if I am not with you, I am just a shell,
    A life with you is heaven and without you is hell.
  • My angel, my life, my entire world, please stay with me always, my one and true girl.
    I love you very much, and I know is real and very true,
    for I can’t love anyone else, my heart beats only for you.
    It doesn’t matter the situation I found myself in,
    you’ll forever be the one that wishes to see at home when I return,
    for you’re the sun to my earth.
  • There’s a saying that, roses are red
    And, violets are blue
    But I won’t stop saying, my dear
    I will continue to be true.
  • Our future is a present that we are yet to unveil,
    full of unimaginable treasures.
    It is like a secret note that is yet to be read,
    overflowing with every of life’s pleasures.
    I love you from the deepest part of my heart.
  • Shiny star, If I was as steadfast as thou art–
    Never in lone splendour hung aloft the night
    And watching, with everlasting lids apart,
    Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
    The troubled waters at their priest-like task
    Of pure cleansing around earth’s human shores,
    Or staring at the fresh soft-fallen mask
    Of snow upon the mountains and the moors–
    No–yet still steadfast, still unchangeable,
    Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast,
    To feel forever its soft fall and swell,
    Awake forever in a sweet unrest,
    Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
    And so live ever–or else swoon to death.
    Today we are obliged to be romantic
    And think of yet another valentine.
    We know the rules and we are both pedantic.
  • Here comes the moment we should be romantic.
    Our affection is long-lasting and certain, not new and full of panic.
    You know I’m made for you as I know you are truly mine.
    And mentioning it has caused me to feel romantic,
    My only love, my dearest valentine.
  • The moment we fell in love,
    I keep asking myself if it was true
    But now many years later
    I have realized that I’ll never trade you.
    For what we have come to discover in each other
    Others can only dream of
    You make every day of my life
    Better than the rest.
  • Incredible and gorgeous, not a flower nor a tree,
    More stunning than those and I alone can see,
    My heart beats your name to the very core,
    encapsulating my whole body with great joy and much more,
    Your eyes are very astonishing, I just can’t look away,
    They’re beautiful and bright every second of the day,
    Here, my warm embrace is where you belong,
    Our hearts both beat to a similar song.
  • Several years now, since beauty was born,
    a gem that the world paused to celebrate,
    This bright woman was special and cherished by all
    And even the angels were interested to know her fate.
    And then as the beauty became adult and so fair
    Everyone started showing interest to court her,
    Men wouldn’t relent; dancing, singing, and showing off their strength
    in the hope that they could get to hold her tight.
    but, only one man got so lucky, so favoured, so blessed,
    That she picked him as better than all the rest,
    He yet can’t imagine having this angel as his girl
    That man is me, you are the angel, my world.
  • I cherish you from head to toe,
    And is so much that you’ll hardly ever know.
    Nothing pains me more than seeing you sad,
    And causes me to be sad whenever you’re mad.
    Although it’s true we quarrel now and then,
    Yet, I want you to know that my love for you knows no end.
    One thing am sure of is that you are the one for me,
    And the only one there will ever be.
    It’s you I wish to spend my life with,
    To take you as my wife and mother of my kid.
    Never will you hear the words goodbye,
    And my feelings for you will continue till the day I die.
    If I should leave this world before you,
    You’ll certainly see me at the gates of heaven waiting for you.

Short Love Poems to Make Her Love You More.

short love poems for her

  • There is nothing I would rather do than spend all of my time making you my queen,
    You deserve a crown, a scepter, and a throne, your beauty is very stunning, my love is for no one else but you.
  • Whenever I tell you you’re my life, I hope you know that it’s true,
    Whenever I tell you you’re my world, you should know that I only have eyes for you.
  • Whenever I find it hard to say it, because you cease my breath, then you know that my love for you is more than words could ever say.
  • I have searched for so long, looking for love that’s true.
    And suddenly one day my soul saw you and whispered, “Oh, there you are, I’ve been searching everywhere for you.
  • My heart’s best desires, you so completely fulfil,
    I love you with every cell in my body, and I forever will.
  • I have always dreamt to be by your side, my heart hungers for your touch,
    Now I think I have realized what it means to love someone so much.
  • You are my world, my centre, my life,
    And I’m all yours, I wish you’ll be my wife!
  • There are moments when I’m sad and life gets me down,
    but I always know I can turn it around,
    by shutting my eyes and visualizing you,
    the source of my joy, my angel, I’m grateful to you.
  • I love my eyes
    whenever you stare at them.
    I love my name
    whenever you mention it
    And I love my heart
    whenever you love it.
    I love my life,
    Because you are a part of it.
  • You illuminate my soul
    You made me whole
    I had feelings for you before
    And it will be more and more,
    You’ll continue to be mine, my dear
    You are the angel from above
    Who showed me how to love.
    Please, always keep me near.
  • You offered me sunshine when I had just rain,
    You gave me happiness when I knew only pain.
    You illuminated my life with light when darkness filled my world,
    You decorated my life when I made you my girl.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I’ll always be with you because I am (insert her name here) glue!
  • I will always love you, henceforth till forever,
    And when everything is lost, I promise to leave you never.
  • I miss you so much, I am nowhere without you,
    Whenever you are absent, I’m always confused as to what to do.

Poems to Make Her Feel Special.

poems to make her feel special

  • I feel like holding you in my arms,
    So you can feel my heartbeat.
    I wish to cuddle you so deeply,
    That our two souls will meet.
    I wish to kiss you so sweetly,
    That your lips warmly melt,
    Because to be around you, my love,
    Is the greatest feeling I ever felt.
  • I wish I’ll let you know how beautiful you are,
    But my tongue is glued, the perfect words are just too far.
    And should a million poets attempted for centuries on end,
    They’d describe only a fraction of the beauty of my girlfriend.
  • If I’m to choose one thing I’d rather have,
    it is to have you beside me right here
    And once you have come back to me,
    I promise to make you mine forever, my dear.
  • Roses are, like, red and stuff,
    Violets are, you know, blue.
    I’m not super awesome with words,
    But, whatever, I completely love you.
  • My dreams are better than I could imagine,
    and it’s coming to reality, you perfectly fulfilled it,
    So here is my question for you,
    And I wish you replied, “I will”.
  • I have never seen,
    A woman more stunning as you,
    The beauty you have within and without,
    Is something I never before knew.
  • I loved you so much yesterday,
    And I love you today still,
    I was created to love you,
    And I forever will.
  • You are my queen,
    And I’ll adore you with all of my heart,
    I’ll serve you forever,
    And we will never be apart.
  • I developed feelings for you yesterday,
    And it has grown deeper today,
    I can only imagine,
    How much deeper it will become tomorrow.
  • For a long time, I have dreamt of the perfect girl,
    And now I have known that it’s you,
    Yet, you’re even better than I imagined,
    Thank you for making my dreams come true!
  • I was once questioned about what I would want my dreams to be,
    And I realize I now have a perfect answer: to have you here beside me!
  • The greatest decision I ever made,
    Was to allow my soul to find you.
    For I had always known I was made for someone,
    And now I’ve come to realize who!

In Conclusion.

Most people see love poem as old-fashioned, yet, it remains the most realistic way to capture a woman’s heart. Almost every woman loves men that know how to develop a poem, because to them, it shows you are very romantic. If you want your woman to love you more, then look no further than one of the lovely poems for her above.

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