100 College Friends Quotes

I wrote about the best quotes on College Memories, and they were up to 75+ quotes. However, Today, I want to focus 100% on College friends quotes. Except for a few persons, College life is one of the most exciting periods of our lives.

When you go to college, you get to meet people from different walks of life, different countries, continents, hear stories that will last a lifetime, and see things you won’t forget. Most friends you make in college last forever.

When meeting people in college, there are two categories of people you’ll meet. The first group is those who are just a passing phase in your life, while others become your best of friends.


There are a million words that you can use to describe your college friends, but if its long and you want to summarize the experience, here are some quotes that could probably help you to express your feelings or thoughts about them.

Likewise, these quotes can also inspire the new generation of students who are going to college and want to make more friends in college.

100 College Friends Quotes.

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The friends you make in college are friends you’ll have for life, even if you don’t talk for years at a time. – Jessica Park.

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• Some friends are not Really friends, they are FAMILY.

• Here’s to the nights that turned into morning, with the friends that turned into family.

• Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

• Friends come and go like the waves of an ocean, but the real ones stick like Octopus on your face.

• As we go on after college, we remember all the times we had together, and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be frends forever.

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We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. The stories, fun, laughter and adventures.

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Elementary school; 30 friends.
Middle school: 20 friends.
High school: 10 friends..
College: 3 real friends.

miracle in making real friends

Making a hundred friend isn’t miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand with you even when hundreds are against you.

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Distance means so little, when friendship means so much.

remembering college journey

♦ My college friends are the most beloved friends that I have in my life and they’re the reason College was amazing!

things ends but memories last forever
Things ends, but memories last forever

college friendship quotes

best college friends quotes

♦ Keep it cool and simple and you will find the right friends in your college life to last a lifetime.

♦ If you do not have friends ready to do anything with you, you missed out on College life.

♦ College is a place where you are going to make friends no matter how hard you try not to make one.

♦ My college life is not complete without a bunch of crazy and hyper friends that made life exciting.

♦ All kinds of first times in life are sometimes experience with college friends.

♦ Can you imagine college with friends? it’s similar to plain bread.

♦ College friends are really for keeps; they were the ones who are always there during your good and bad times.

♦ Sometimes, you meet your true friends in College.

♦ All you need are friends who will never judge or leave you; for me, that’s the definition of true friendship.

♦ College can never be described as easy. But your college friends make it bearable and memorable.

♦ Before, I don’t usually understand the hype or why some persons claim that college friends will be your lifetime friend, but now I really know why.

♦ There are many things in life that the four corners of the classroom can’t teach you; Friends, are sometimes the best teacher of life experiences.

♦ The best word to use in describing college friends is “Family” because you do and experience things together.

♦ When you think you are the only one who did not study or take notes in class, look at your friends, you’ll find out some didn’t too.

♦ To pass a course in College, you only need; Books, Notes, and hardworking friends.

♦ I discovered that openness is more common among college friends than with high school friends.

♦ Visualizing your future is more fun when you are surrounded by your best friends who shares the same dreams.

♦ It’s difficult to know who’s sincere among your college friends, the sure way of knowing is when you’re failing but yet they are still there with you.

♦ Seeing your college friends doing great in life, being happy, and succeeding is priceless.

♦ College friends are like thieves in the night who steal your precious time without knowing it while you’ll enjoy every single moment of it.

♦ Misunderstandings, fights, and quarrels happen between best friends but a friendship with a solid foundation will always overcome it.

♦ After a bad day in school, your friends are the best people to surround yourself with.

♦ College friends should be treated with love, respect, and care because they are the ones who made your college years memorable.

♦ During exams, the ones who stay late into the Night with you to study are your true academic friends.

♦ College friends are companions during our journey in college, helping you overcome obstacles in the road to success.

♦ When you fail and feel ashamed about it, your friends will stand by you to the end. #College_friends.

♦ College friends play a vital role in our personal growth because they are the ones with us during the transition from a teenager to an adult.

♦ Because of friends in College, laughter becomes music in our ears, food becomes tastier, and joy fulfills our hearts.

♦ True friends respect each other’s opinions despite their differences in beliefs and traditions.

♦ At the end of the day in college, it is your friends who can lighten your burdens and bring joy to your tired soul.

♦ Whenever you feel empty and lonely, always remember that you have your friends who want to see you happy.

♦ When picking your college friends, always be careful because your friends in college play a vital role in your later years.

♦ How big an influence is your college friends? For me, I can afford to be stupid as long as I am with them.

♦ Of all my friends, the friends I made in college are always the best.

♦ In a circle of college friends, there always will be that person that could remove bad vibes in the group with funny stories, and jokes.

♦ Your life becomes an open book whenever you choose to disclose it to your college friends.

♦ Before College, I always cared how loud I sound when laughing, but now, I don’t care if I look disgusting when laughing so loud as long as I am enjoying myself with my friends.

♦ Hard times become easier because of friends.

♦ Always remember that your friends define you, so be careful when choosing your college friends.

♦ College life is boring if you indulge yourself in studying too much, which is why you should have college friends to make it more fun and memorable.

♦ Whenever you need money, advice, company, and a tutor; friends are always there for you.

♦ When you discover a friend who is true and sincere, don’t let go, because they are treasures.

♦ Always appreciate every college friend, because sometimes, they drop everything when you called.

♦ Diversity should never be an issue between you and your college friends. Diversity is beautiful.

♦ When you can’t find any friends, you’re the problem. Reach out and open up.

♦ Toughest battle in college became manageable whenever you have college friends around.

♦ Consider yourself blessed if you find friends that will not just passersby but will stay forever no matter the storm.

♦ Being straightforward earns you real friends that can stand under the weather with and for you.

♦ There are plenty of reasons why life becomes meaningful when you have college friends to depend on and to lean on; one is there are a source of happiness as well as your learning.

Missing College Life Quotes.

♦ Success is not based on how much you’ve made, but how many lives you’ve touched.

♦ I am just having fun with my friends that I don’t even notice that we are already doing memorable things.

♦ You have done several weird things with your friends in college but enjoy it, because you’ll re-live it only in your memories.

♦ A true friend thinks you are well-grown tomato. But knows that some parts are unripe or rotten.

♦ Only true friends will accept your imperfections and still love you the way you are.

♦ You don’t need hundreds of friends to be happy in college, you need the ones that understands you perfectly.

♦ Finding a true friend in college is very similar to picking a ripe mango. You know why? Because you must try it first for a couple of times or more, before you will find the perfectly ripe one.

♦ There are several words to symbolize the friends we made in college, but for me, it is only one; treasure.

♦ Isn’t it amusing that friendship in college sometimes starts from asking “What’s your next class”?

♦ It amuses me that in College, I didn’t have expensive things, but got to meet friends worth more than gold.

♦ Don’t let insincere college friends come into your life and use you for their advantage. It is better to know them first before being their friend.

♦ One thing commonly share in a circle of best friends is Food. Your food belongs to everyone.

♦ Whenever am asked to describe my college friends, the first word that comes to mind is this; Awesome.

♦ The truth is that your best friends might forget your name after how many decades of no communication, but will never forget the memories you shared together.

♦ One of the best thing about having awesome friends in college is that they give you Crazy confidence.

♦ Your real college friends are the ones who will fight for you even when you chose to give up.

♦ Make sure you treasured every moment you spent with your best friends, because a time will come that you won’t be able to see each other again that much.

♦ My college friends are like a sail in the boat, they were the ones that kept me moving even during my stormy days.

♦ I am a pessimist and you are not, I am bored to be with, and you’re the life of the party, so tell me again, why we are friends?

♦ A real friend is that person who is not afraid to always tell you the truth even it could hurt you.

♦ College friends make you experienced all kinds of craziness in this world.

♦ Words can’t describe the love I have for my friends, I know that I could do anything for them as long as it’s for their own good.

Friends in College Quotes.

Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, you need just a number of friends you can be certain of.

I’ve learnt that your college friends become kind of your family. You eat together, take naps together, fight, laugh, cry, and do everything together until you can’t remember how you lived without them.

Now I understand why they say the friends you make in college will be your friends for life. I’ve met the best people here.

In college, me and my best friends can communicate entirely only via face expressions.

College is the reward you get for surviving high school. Most people have great fun stories from college and nightmare stories from high school. – Judd Apatow.

College is the place to enjoy life happily. Absolutely nothing else can beat that, enjoy it with your friends.

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Here’s to the month that turned into years, with the friends that turned into family.

Good college friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

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