Best 101+ Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sisters are the best gift from God, and having a sister, is having a best friend for life. Here on this page, I’ll be sharing with you, the best funny, emotional, cute, prayerful birthday wishes for your sister.

I honestly think that there is no greater compliment than remembering and wishing your sister, the best on her birthday. This page covers everything from happy birthday messages, quotes, and SMS for your lovely sister.

I’ll also be adding here, the happy birthday messages you can send to a friend who has over the years, turned to a sister. These happy birthday messages for sisters from another mother quotes lovely, cute, beautiful, heartfelt, emotional, etc.

Birthday messages for Sister

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Sister.

  • I know everything is falling into the right places for you my dearest sister. I’ll also be grateful for having a true friend and a sister in one person. Happy birthday my beautiful, cute, funny sister. May God Almighty bless your new age.
  • One thing I know for sure is that everything good is falling for you in pleasant places! Heaven is lifting you to unimaginable heights! You will be favoured and blessed beyond imagination! Happy birthday my dearest sister.

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  • As you add another year, May God prosper the works of your hands, and may you flourish in everything you do. The Lord will enlarge your coast and grant you the desires of your heart. Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister!
  • Age more in good health, prosperity, and happiness. Wishing you all round success in the years ahead. Happy birthday to the world’s best sister. I am forever grateful that among the billions of girls, God chooses you to be my sister.

Birthday messages for Sisters

  • Happy birthday, my sister, may your new age bring you everything good and positive you desire. On your next birthday, Nations will celebrate you. Wishing you the very best, and many happy returns today and always.
  • May God bless you beyond measure. My dearest sister, I go on my knees today, asking God to bless you for all you’ve done for me, I know for sure that I am the luckiest to have a beautiful sister as you. Happiest birthday.
  • Long life, Prosperity, and Good Health will forever be your portions. Happy birthday my best friend, adviser, and most beautiful human in the world. More grace upon you and your family.
  • Today, I am joining everyone who knows how caring you are, everyone you’ve brought a smile to their face, in wishing you, the happiest birthday yet. May God Almighty bless you abundantly.
  • I’ll always thank God for blessing me with a kind, lovely, beautiful, cute, thoughtful and funny sister like you. Happy birthday dearest sister and May God’s blessings never depart from you.
  • I rejoice with you, my sister. God bless you more than you expect. A big congratulations! May your new age bring nothing else but Joy, Prosperity, loads of business ideas, happiness and major breakthrough to you and your family. Happy birthday.
  • Happy day of birth to God’s blessings to me, who came in the form of a sister, true and best friend. May God’s blessings, protections, sound health and never depart your life. Happy birthday, dearest.
  • May God’s blessings in your life, overflow. All I wish you is happiness without limitation, and prosperity without ending. As you enter this new age, May you continue to shine in God’s glory.
  • Congratulation on your new birthday, May God’s hand of favour never depart your life. Thank God for giving me a gift and saying she’s my sister, best friend, adviser, and ever-thoughtful. Thank you for standing with me against all odds. I love you, sis.
  • May God grant you, your entire heart desires. Everything you need, God shall provide for you, according to his riches in glory. Happy birthday great woman. May God’s blessings locate you always.
  • Congratulations on your new age! This new age will birth greatness into your life. Starting today, you’ll receive congratulatory messages, because God will continue to favour you. Happy birthday my ever-loving sister.

birthday wishes for sister

  • As you enter a new age today, I prophesy prosperity, good tidings, and good health into your life. You’re God’s favourite and the apple of his eye. May God’s blessings in your life know no limits. Happy birthday, dearest sister.
  • Today is one of my happiest days! Because God has added another year to my sister, best friend, and adviser, who is ready to argue and protect me since day 1. Thanks for always being there for me. Happy birthday cutest sister.
  • Your heart is filled with kindness, always ready to put a smile on people’s faces. Forever a good human. I love you and aspire to be like you. Happy birthday, sister.
  • Happy birthday to you my sister, age with grace and continue to shine brighter. More blissful years ahead. Your constant love, and care, always ready to make me laugh, gists partner, a partner in crime, you’re everything a girl will ever wish for in a sister. I love you, sis.

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister.

love birthday wishes for sister

♥. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday my dearest sister. May God put a smile on your face, as you’ve constantly been a source of joy to everyone around you. Happy birthday dear sister.

♥. This new age will take you to Higher and greater heights. Congratulations on your special day. May God bless you abundantly.

♥. Today is your special day because it marks the day an angel came to earth. Wishing my best friend/sister, the best of everything. Happy birthday, dearest.

♥. I wish you fruitful years ahead. May God continue to bless you beyond your wildest dream. Happy birthday, sis. God bless your new age.

♥. Happy birthday to my best sibling. The cutest and ever-smiling princess. Happy birthday, big sister, l wish you all the best in life as you age with grace.

♥. Happy birthday, dearest sis. This new age marks a bigger you, God’s blessings and favours will locate you. Wishing you more wisdom, grace and all the good things that life has to offer.

♥. Your existence is a source of joy to everyone who knows you, especially me. I am forever proud to tell the world you’re my SISTER. Happy birthday gorgeous.

♥. May God continues to bless, protect and favour you among men. Kings, Queens, and noblemen will rise to greet you. You’ve entered your age of favour and divine blessings.

♥. May the Good Lord continue to be with you, protect you and bless your new age. Happy birthday my sister. More grace and mercy on me!

♥. As you celebrate your born-day today, may today mark the beginning of blessings without borders, and prosperity without limits. Happy birthday my pretty sister.

♥. Happy birthday, dearest sister. This new age will bring you long life and prosperity. God bless your new age. Happy birthday to you, miss gorgeous.

heart touching lines for sister

♥. Cheers to you, and happy birthday to my protector, adviser, best friend, warrior, and kindhearted sister. To the prettiest girl with the brightest smile, I love you and happy birthday.

♥. Welcome to your season of laughter and celebrations. God’s blessings will pave way for you beyond your wildest dream. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

♥. You are indeed a blessing to our parents, siblings, friends and everyone who are lucky enough to know you. But I am the luckiest because you’re my sister. Happy birthday, God-sent.

♥. May Goodness, mercy, favour, honour, long life, good health and prosperity be your portion as you enter your new age. Happy birthday, sister.

♥. May the dreams closest to your heart come true as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, sis.

♥. Your heart desires, everything good you’ve begged God in secret, may God openly bless you and bring them to reality. Happy birthday, sister.

Simple Birthday Wishes For Sister.

Simple Birthday Wishes For Sister

♣. Here’s to the best sister in the world, Cheers and wishing you a happy birthday. May your pocket never run dry, and your DM, never empty. Happy birthday pretty.

♣. Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister/best friend/advisor/protector/gist partner/partner-in-crime. Wishing you the best of everything as you enter your new age. Blessings dearest.

♣. Greater days ahead to you a beautiful role model to us women, aspiring to be like you. Wishing you long life and prosperity, and I am super proud to tell everyone you’re my sister.

♣. Babe, today is your day. I celebrate you. As you enter this new age, may your days from now always be bright, shiner, and brighter. May lines continue to fall unto you in pleasant places. Happy birthday, dear sister.

♣. Happy birthday beautiful lady. May God bless continue to bless and keep you.

♣. When growing up, you’ve always been my inspiration. Happy birthday dear sister.

♣. I pray the heavens to continue to smile on you, as you enter this new age. Doors will open where everyone thinks it’s impossible. You’ll achieve great feats. Happy birthday.

♣. May you age gracefully. Happy birthday beautiful woman. I join everyone whose life you’ve blessed in one way or the other, to celebrate you, happy birthday, Ma’am.

♣. Happy birthday my baby gal for life. You know I’ve got you, right? I will forever be grateful that you’re my sister. May you always stand tall among your peers. Keep shining darling. May God continue to bless you.

♣. Queen of hearts, beautiful soul, kindest human, gorgeous being, may God’s blessings continue to follow this beautiful babe. We love you and celebrate you. God bless you real good. Happy birthday baby girl.

♣. Happy birthday, to my most beautiful sister, the best sibling anyone can ask for. You’re a joy to be with, gist with and plan anything with. Beauty with brain. Happy birthday, darling.

♣. Thank you for choosing to be a blessing to mankind wherever you find yourself. God bless you plenty always. I love you and will choose you always to be my sister. Happy birthday, darling sis.

♣. Wow, today marks the day an Angel left heaven and came to earth to show mankind how to love without expectations, you’re one of a kind and I’m so glad to be your sister. Happy birthday!!!

♣. Wishing you many happy returns gorgeous babe. I’m so happy that I get to be your sister. Happy birthday to you, a great woman of substance, filled with knowledge and compassion. God bless your new age.

♣. You deserver everything good, everything beautiful, because you’ve been my source of joy for years. Happy birthday sister, and may you celebrate 100 more birthdays. Love you always.

♣. Whenever I am asked what is the most priceless gift, I know instantly that the answer will always be “MY SISTER”. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman both in character and appearance. I am proud of you. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. Happy birthday my adorable sister and friend. Wish you many more years of God’s abundance of blessings.

♣. Glory be to God in the highest for giving me a beautiful, kind-hearted, gorgeous and caring sister like you. Wishing you long life and prosperity in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. Happy birthday dear Sister.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

♣. Congratulations to a sister who I’ll love till the day of my last breath on God’s green earth. I love you shamelessly, enormously proud of you and your accomplishments at this young age. Happy birthday, babe.

♣. May the good Lord bless your new age and grant you prosperity in everything your hand touches. May God jealously protect you, bless you and increase you on every side. Happy birthday to my most beautiful sister.

♣. Wishing you a birthday full of God’s divine grace, favour, good health, long life and prosperity. Your heart desires, both secret and open ones, may God turn them into realities. I love you, sis.

♣. Happy birthday, to a true and best friend, agreed biologically. Happy birthday to my Sister, my crime partner, my advisor, and my friend who I can discuss everything without the fear of being judged.

♣. As you enter your new age, I go on my knees, praying that God’s divine protection hovers around you daily. You’ll experience divine breakthroughs and blessings that will open doors for you. Have the most beautiful birthday celebration today.

♣. As you clock plus one today, I pray for long life, prosperity, and above all, good health to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday to my ever-smart-working sister.

♣. May God bless your new age and continue to prosper you in all you do. You will lend to nations and not borrow, you’ll be a blessing to the poor, downcast, and hopeless, Amen. Happy birthday, my darling sister.

♣. Hey, it’s your day, Happy birthday!!! May you age gracefully. May God bless you today and forever, Amen.

♣. Happy birthday, my beautiful, cute and gorgeous sister! Today marks the beginning of prosperity, blessings, favour and unlimited opportunities. I love you.

♣. A hearty cheers to you. May God bless you and continue to use you in blessing those in need. You’ll live to 100 years, healthy and strong, because your heart is pure. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.

♣. Happy birthday to you, my best friend, gist partner, and mother. May God Almighty continually light your pathway and provide all your needs according to his riches in glory. Happy birthday, darling.

♣. As today marks your new age, May God blesses you beyond your wildest dream, and keep you always. Your next birthday, the world will celebrate you. Stay winning, my cute sister.

♣. I don’t want anything else, you’re the whole package, an answered prayer. Millions will pray for a best friend, millions of others, a sister… Yet, I am so lucky to have both in you. Happy birthday to my sister who means the world to me.

♣. As you bag another year, may your business flourish, and may connections that will take you to countries be your portion. Happy birthday to my brilliant and intelligent sister. I am super proud to call you “MY SISTER”.

♣. May God continue to protect and keep you safe. May he continue to be a lamp in your path, opening doors and smothering mountains for your sake. Stay winning, stay shining my sister.

♣. Hearty cheers Sis. Happy birthday my best siblings. I love you for countless reasons and am super proud to be your sister.

♣. Thanks to God for choosing to send you my way, giving me a friend and a sister in one package. I love you, my darling, beautiful, gorgeous, cute sister. Have a blast.

♣. You deserve the world and everything good, because I know once you have it, I’ll forever be wealthy and never lack. May God bless your new age.

♣. May the days ahead be full of God’s blessings and prosperity. May God preserve you in sound health, wealth and wisdom. Happy birthday, elder sis, my best friend on planet earth.

♣. Wishing you, a happy birthday, dearest sis. May God’s blessings know no limit in your life. You’ll soar high as an eagle. Men will stand when you enter a room, because you’re favoured among men. Wishing you the best, my dearest sister.

♣. Even though everyone loves you as their sister, I know biologically, through friendship and all, you’re my #1 sister. I love you and happy birthday my beautiful princess.

♣. May God bless and keep you healthy, safe, and gorgeous as always. Wishing you the most beautiful days ahead, sister. May his light shine brighter on your path. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

♣. I celebrate you today as always. God bless you for all you do. May God bless you richly. May His grace continue to find you. Age gracefully my sister.

♣. To my sister who is a role model to millions of ladies around the world. A true superstar, happy birthday. To the woman who makes marriage beautiful, who loves unconditionally, Happy birthday. Just know I’ll always be there for you.

♣. You deserve the world because you’re good, kind-hearted, and love without expectations. Thanks for being who you are in all senses of friendliness. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.

♣. You are a great sister, and if asked to choose a sister in the next world, I’ll skip billions to choose you again. You deserve this day and everything good that life has in stock. Happy birthday my beautiful sister.

♣. Happy birthday Sis. Thank you for all the value, love, happiness, and pride you’ve brought this family. We are forever indebted to you for your sacrifice and selfless acts. Happy birthday to my HERO.

♣. You’ve always been thoughtful, kind, generous, loving and beautiful inside out. A combination lack by billions. Yet, here am I, blessed to call you my sister. Happy birthday.

♣. Happy birthday, my dearest sister. I wish you God’s continuous choicest blessings. Rise and become more significant in the years ahead. The world is patiently waiting for you.

♣. Happy birthday to the shining light of our generation. A sister and more! A gorgeous beauty with a heart of gold. A true friend who protects and loves fiercely. You’re my hero!

♣. More grace, more inspiration, more breakthroughs and showers of accolades are everything I wish for you as you mark another year. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.

♣. Happy birthday, my ever-smiling and beautiful sister! May God continue to bless and keep you safe. I pray that as you enter this new age, it’s the beginning of good health and divine protection.

♣. I wish you everything good and beautiful! May God grant you all your heart desires, and above all, may God continue to elevate you higher than your enemies. Happy birthday to a sister like no other.

♣. If there are a dozen of people like you, the world would CERTAINLY have been a better place. But still, I am forever indebted to God for bringing you into my life, because you’ve made my world a better place. Happy birthday, sis.

♣. Thanks for your love for the less privileged, always caring, always generous to a fault. May the Lord who knows the heart reward you abundantly. May God bless you more. Happy birthday to a sister of the people! Remember I will always be your first true sister and best friend

♣. Happy birthday to my sister who is a shining Star, we wish you all the best as you celebrate your special day. Happy birthday to you.

♣. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful and ever-gorgeous sister. Thanks for setting a pathway that pushes us to achieve more, and thanks for being a friend, teacher, adviser, and sister always. God guides and protects you for us. We love you, but I love you the most.

♣. Since you’ve chosen to be a blessing to others, may God’s blessings never cease in your life. May God continue to bless you as you bless other people. Happy birthday celebration, dearest beautiful sister.

♣. You’ve chosen to be a blessing to the people, used by God to put smiles on the faces of everyone you’ve come across. As you clock plus one today, May God continue to enrich you and open the windows of heaven on you. Happy birthday.

♣. Happy birthday! Sister. May God continue blessing you, pave the way for you and open doors of prosperity for you. You’ll never lack or beg. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. As you work tirelessly to put smiles on people’s faces, may God continue to enrich your pocket and bless you abundantly. Happy birthday dear sister.

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