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Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream – What Does it mean to See Fish in Dream?

Today, I’ll be writing on this topic: Seeing fish in a dream, biblical meaning. What does it mean when you see a fish in your dream? What does it signify, something good is coming or a bad omen?

Just in case you’ve been dreaming a lot and searching for meanings of dreams, here’s our catalogue of Christian dreams interpretation.

It’s not unusual to see Fish in your dreams, however, what’s important is to see what it means and the scriptures to back these meanings. So I dedicate today, to specifically search and write about what seeing a fish in dreams could mean.

Warning: It is important to note here that I AM NOT INTERPRETING YOUR DREAM. However, the Scripture is clear that the one who brings the interpretation is the Lord. Look at the case of Joseph in Egypt, his dreams, their meaning and what Egypt did to have bountiful houses of crops stored, while the world was ravaged by famine.

Fish in a Dream

Bible Verse on Dream and Meaning.

They said to him, “We have had dreams, and there is no one to interpret them.” And Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me.” – Genesis 40:8 ESV.

Important Guide:

One of the most essential things you should know when trying to understand your dream is this: Not all dreams are from the Lord.

As you go through this page, you should understand that sometimes, God uses vessels like Joseph and others to bring the interpretation of dreams. However, you should know that these types of posts are created to help you learn how you can begin understanding the meaning of your dreams that come from God.

The first step to understanding your dream and its meaning, is this:

  • Understanding and learning God’s word.
  • Always be prayerful. “Never stop Praying” (1 Thes. 5:17) NLT.

Does the Bible say anything about Fish Dreams?

Inasmuch as fish dreams are not the most popular of dreams, like dreaming about snakes, meeting dead people, dog dreams, thousands of people are constantly searching online to know what it means. This means that you are NOT alone, because there are thousands like you, dreaming of fish (es).

Do you know: The word fish was mentioned sixty-eight (68) times in the KJV and fishes were mentioned about twenty-six (26) times.

To mention just a few, let’s take a look at the new testament and see miracles involving a fish.

  • A Coin in the fish’s mouth (provision to pay for taxes) – This miracle can be found in Matthew 17:27.
  • The multiplication of the fish and loaves. – The miracle of multiplying fish and loaves in Matthew 14: 17.
  • Jesus telling the disciples to cast their nets on the right side of the boat (provision for food) – John 21:5-6.

As you can tell from these scriptural verses, fish all meant something good, right? Well, let’s dig deeper and see what your dream really means and how to interpret it yourself.

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream.

One of the most famous scripture in the new testament is this:

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 NKJ.

So what do those fish symbolise in the bible? HUMANS.

Through this scripture, you can see clearly that fish symbolize men. And fishing is essential meaning…” Catching people.” Not convinced yet? Let us continue.

  • Evangelism.
  • Pulling people out of darkness, or situations that may likely crumble them, their faith, etc: Reference Bible Verses: Mark 1:17, Luke 5:5-10, Matthew 13:47-49.

Outside of the scripture, you can also tell that fish means people too. For example, There are sites like PlentyofFish, and popular phrases like “There are so many fishes in the river”. This means that there are so many girls/guys out there you can meet and date, right?

Next, now would be a good time to recall how you got the fish and where. Answering the questions below would truly get you a better understanding.

  • Was it with a fishing pole? With bait?
  • With a net?
  • With a spear?
  • With your hands?
  • Was I in a boat, dock, shore…etc?
  • Fishing alone or with others?
  • What was the body of water? Lake, sea, pond…etc?

Knowing the answer to these question can help you interpret your dream better. Lets say for example, you were dreaming of catching a lot of fish in a small pond. This could represent, that your small start up business will flourish and be fruitful.

Eating Fish in the Dreaming Meaning?

For persons who dream of eating fish, it could well indicate that the Lord will bring provision. Remember that Jesus Christ fed thousands of people with fish and loaves of bread.

However, the meaning of eating a fish in your dream may differ, depending on the circumstance surrounding it. But this depends on your dream. If the dream is of you greedily eating fish in the dream, this may likely signify that your words are hurting people. Look around you, see the people you’re talking to, and know whether your words are hurting them.

Meaning of Cooking or Seeing Cooked Fish in Dream.

If in your dream, you were eating a cooked fish, seeing or cooking a fish, the interpretation of this dream is that provision is coming your way.

However, to understand this dream better, you need to recall these important details:

  • Who was cooking the fish?
  • Was the fish given to you or someone else?

Knowing the answer to these questions will give you a better understanding.

Meaning of Cutting Fish in a Dream.

However, if you saw yourself cutting fish in the dream, there are various meanings too. It could mean something good is being prepared for you, or something better is coming your way soon.

Cutting and cleaning a fish could also represent cleaning of the soul or dealing with deep inner things.

Dead Fish Meaning.

What is the Biblical meaning of seeing a dead fish in your dream? You should know that a fish out of water is one thing and a dead fish is another thing altogether.

Dreaming about dead fish could mean various things to various people. It could mean the end of a relationship/friendship, someone walking away from the Church, Word, or importantly, the Lord. It could also signify that someone is going through pain, extreme struggles and more.

If you see a dead fish in your dream, I’ll recommend that you pray, and ask the Lord for direction, provision and protection.

Infographic on Fish Dreams and its Meaning.

dreaming of fish and their meaning
dreaming of fish and their meaning

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